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  1. Pictures
    Okay here's Kratos'!! I haven't had a chance to try his out on the weights yet as its been raining none stop since I finished it. So as soon as the rain stops I'll try it out and put up the pictures ;) Thanks for looking :woof:
  2. Pictures
    Took Domino and Kratos swimming at the lake near us for an hour they never get out of the water so an hour is almost too much because they are soo tired from swimming and fetching Kratos thinks he's a alligator or something lol only comes out to return the ball lol Where'd It go...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Kratos all of a sudden on Thursday morning woke up really sick. The night before he was just fine, but when he woke up in the morning I noticed he was a bit sluggish. I thought ok maybe he just didn't sleep good because the baby kept him up. But later that day he started throwing up white foamy...
  4. Pictures
    Up to date of the babes :P There were seven in Kratos' litter :P lol here are a few of them that I have pictures of the best the little ADBA girl Bunnie i dont have :( wish I did lol oh well here they are : This is Zorya (female pup) This is Buddy (male pup) - I almost got him lol but he had an...
  5. Pictures
    Here's some pictures of the babes flirting today with my nephew :D they had a blast and Kratos is getting so big!! Thanks for Looking :D :woof:
  6. Pictures
    They just love the tread :) Hoping to have a carpet mill in a month :woof:
1-6 of 6 Results