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    So we took Kush to a behaviorist that specializes in pit bulls. I was fearing for the worst,I think we all were...But we had nothing to worry about. Turns out Kush's issues aren't as bad as we thought. He is very confused,but he is not HA. The behaviorist told me,that if Kush had wanted to bite...
  2. General Discussion
    UPDATE The vet needs to do some intensive screening,but for now Kush is on some meds. They are going to check him for melena...What I feared. I got a frantic text a little bit ago. My friend woke up to an awful smell. Kush had pooped everywhere,and it was black with blood in it... I told her...
  3. Pictures
    I'm sad that I think I deleted the one where they were kissin....But here are a few pictures of Bruno and his new buddy Kush~ They hung out so much today(like 8 hours?) that eventually Kush didn't have to wear his muzzle! Bruno couldn't figure out what Kush was doing. Kush licking Bruno's...
  4. Pictures
    Chyna Champ Star Asia Jasmine Cherry Beretta Kush He is very vocal, always barking.
1-4 of 5 Results