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    This is how I feel about dogs. Only not as crazy. Honest. LOL. :hammer:
  2. Pictures
    I am new (day 2) just wanted to holla!
  3. The Pitbull Lounge
    So Orion & I went to visit Lady yesterday and got some pics of her in her new place, please excuse the mess, her new mom-lady is rearranging her house, lol. Orion chillin @ Kat's - This is Lady with her new mom-lady, Katrina - Then Orion tackled her with kisses - And Lady came to...
  4. Pictures
    Just a quick pic of her a few weeks over 1 year @ 32lbs Sorry about the quality i will get more asap.
  5. General Discussion
    Came across this online. :3 YouTube - Stop Fighting The Dogs starring K-Lethal feat. Lady Bishop
  6. The Pitbull Lounge
    Hey Woman, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you have the bestest day ever and you and Scott do something totally fun, if you wear heels don't kill yourself, lmaooo. Hugs from the crew and I :D :woof::woof::woof:
  7. General Discussion
    This is being filmed in my area. Hopefully it gets picked up because it looks at the positive of the breed.
  8. Misc. Dog Activities
    Ok so I take my pit to the dog park and some lady comes up to me and starts to tell me that to be careful with my pit they play to rough and can't be trained to play "gentle." WRONG! First off I also have a cocker spaniel and my pits KNOW not to bite him or play to rough with him, this needs to...
  9. General Discussion
    Hi a lady i know has this dog and now her landlord says she cant keep it. If she cant get rid of it i fear she will take it to the pound. Anyway i have been wanting to adopt a pit and have checked out local shelters. My question is does this look full pit to you, she says its half red nose and...
  10. The Family Room
    The winner of the "Predictions for my baby!" The Lady Pit, Rose and Thorns, MeganCC Quite a few of you were right! I first went off of who was closes to date and time, and then off of his weight/height and lastly hair and eyes. Zachary was born April 22nd at 12:45 AM, he weighed 7lbs 9 oz and...
  11. Pictures
    myself jack and aubrie
  12. General Discussion
    She choked while running with a ball, and died on the way to the ER. I'll probably be gone for a while. It has hit us really hard, I'm beside myself.
  13. Health & Nutrition
    Since my little bros are off for spring break, we all went up to Red Bank to Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash to pick up some comics. When we left all dogs were fine. We left at about 9:15 am, and returned at about 4:30 pm. When we walked in the door we could smell the pee. Apparently a dog had...
  14. General Discussion
    So I have posted before what a douche my stepdad is, we spend a lot of time at my mom's because she is so sad and lonely, and needs help around the house. My stepdad lives in the basement, they are only living under the same roof because they are upside down on the mortgage, and cant afford to...
  15. Jokes and Funny Stuff
    I love Cheech and Chong!!
  16. General Discussion
    So I was just bringing my puppy in for her daily walk and this older woman approachs me and said "Well at least you have IT on a leash". At first I kinda took offense but then she continued with "I don't understand why people have to alow their dogs to run free, pooping all over the place. Then...
  17. General Discussion
    Well, tonight hubby and I were celebrating because a big client just paid us. I was making a special dinner, and I got the chicken all seasoned and ready and went to put it in the stove, and Lady barges in, knocks me over, and my favorite corningware crashes to the ground and shatters. SHe then...
  18. Pictures
    Hey my name is mike id like you to meet my family. Here are some pics hope ya'll enjoy them. im vdubbinyas brother in law and he told me alot about the site figured id check it out. thanks, mike http://i604.photobucket.com/albums/tt126/mikeg925/bigboiandshay4.jpg
  19. General Discussion
    In an ad, young woman in her 20s was asking for a free dog. She posted her pic in a very seductive pose saying she wanted a watchdog or a guard dog...how many of you guys would offer her a dog for free? I think, she thinks she'll be able to get anything she want by using sex as a weapon.
  20. General Discussion
    So, this afternoon, I'm sitting on my couch, surfing gopit, and I hear a tear. I go out to the Florida room as Lady and Raisin had gone outside earlier, and I didn't hear them come back in. I open the door, and Lady is destroying the carpet! It is everywhere. The carpet is destroyed, I was so...
21-40 of 54 Results