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  1. Pictures
    Haven't been posting for a while, but still read through regularly. Just thought I'd post a few pics of Laila, everyone says she's a beauty! I thought it was just me LOL I think she knows it too, uses those eyes every chance she gets! She'll be 8 months first week of August, had her at the...
  2. Pictures
    A couple pictures of my Laila. Love her too much! She sure keeps me on the go! the stick is her treat after a nice long walk! Loves to play in the water bowl! Hunting the birds...LOL
  3. General Discussion
    My pup is only 11-12 weeks old, I think shes just in an ackward state? When she was around 5-6 she looked alittle more stout, and recently she just shot up and thinned out expecially in the legs. What do you thinK?
1-3 of 3 Results