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  1. Pictures
    Hugo and his big bro Dallas had a fun time at the lake.
  2. Pictures
    I took the dogs up to Holly's house this past weekend and we went out to the lake... i'll let her post of her dogs but here's my dynamic duo! Banshee is turnin into quite the water dog! and then Odin... well... Odin is part seal apparently....:roll: and they both kinda...
  3. Pictures
    Here's a few photos of Earl at last weekends ADBA Show in Utah. Big thanks to Krissy for the great shots of Earl.
  4. Pictures
    My girl loves to play in rain puddles so we decided to take her to the lake and at first she was scared but she warmed up after i picked her up and put her in the water lol
  5. Pictures
    Took Zeke with me to the lake today regardless of the snow fall :( I hate snow. arriving at the lake finally lol duck watching mean muggin lol
  6. Pictures
    Members Here are some pictures from the ABBA show 10-15-2011.We all had a great time,and got to hang out with good people and some fine dog's.Would like to thank Jennifer and Mustaffa and crew for making this a wonderfull time.Mike was rocking the mic-again,and filling the air with his special...
  7. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    We went to the lake the other day to work on water retrieves. BaWaaJige is doing outstanding work for his age. Kind of wish I would have entered him in his first hunt test this weekend. We are doing a conformation show this weekend instead. He is exactly months old. 100_1580.mov - YouTube He...
  8. Pictures
    We had lots of fun this morning. Vendetta got to play chuck-it and BaWaaJige went for his first swim in Garfield Lake. It was so nice no one around just a couple of Loons and one boater.
  9. Pictures
    Today the dogs played and worked themselves up... After a good hour of hard play I took them to the lake to cool off. They love the water and were more than happy to jump right in! LOL My daughter loves spending time with her doggies as you can see she IS the pack leader of these two LOL.
  10. Events, Results & Photos
    MAY 21, 2011 Lake Elsinore, CA Register 1 dog for both shows for $30 DOUBLE ABBA SHOW!! 2 ABBA Licensed Shows Plus Bully Fun Show FREE FOOD!!! CASH PRIZES & CRAZY GIVEWAYS! TONS OF STUFF FOR KIDS! Beginner's Obedience Class (Professional Trainer) Onsite CGC Testing Champions Class...
  11. Pictures
    My town has a beautiful walking path down by the lake that we really enjoy spending time at. I took this this picture of Gracie and thought it turned out nicely. I am soooo happy that spring is finally here.
  12. Pictures
    Weather is finally getting nice in Boston. Even though I live in the city we have ALOT of hidden jewels of reservation land to walk in. Here's some pics of my chicken puppy discovering new things LOL! A VERY HAPPY PUPPY :D THANKS FOR LOOKING!!! :)
  13. BSL Discussion
    I couldnt just hand over my dog, I would get my vet to verufy they arent pitbulls , I have a great vet who would for us. News
  14. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Just Interested In Whos From Here & What Part, As My Older Brother Spent 2Years Over There. :D
  15. BSL Discussion
    New Pit Bull Ordinance in Sylvan Lake Published : Friday, 17 Sep 2010, 6:10 PM EDT By JASON CARR, myFOXDetroit.com SYLVAN LAKE, Mich. - Sylvan Lake has become the latest community to ban pit bulls. The new law also puts restrictions on residents who already own pit bulls. Belinda Bryant...
  16. Pictures
    Photobucket will have them resized eventually. Don't let that dog lick me! Play with me! My favorite had to be blurry What's under here!
  17. Pictures
    Vendetta has lost alittle weight. I need to take her in but I think she is about 46# now as opposed to her 50# in feb. Thought I would share a few pictures from this weekend.
1-17 of 45 Results