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    Hi All... I have been a little quiet the moment. As it tuns out, Jones is a terrorist, lol. He loves to run, and jump (as much as I try to keep him from doing it he will make up reasons to bounce around like a kangaroo on crack). I love this boy so much. so thought I would share some of the pics...
  2. pitbull behavior
    Just had to share because in my (biased) mind I think she's so stinkin' cute the world must want to see her. :p:rolleyes: (plus I'm trying out my new youtube movie making software!)
  3. Pictures
    Yup, I do paint....I haven't painted since I was 17 years old and tonight I got bit by the bug to paint. I came across some water colors and chose to use those, the last time I used water colors to paint I was 6 years old. Tonight I did something I never thought I could do, I made a realistic...
  4. Products / Services
    I'm finally settled into my new place and have the shop fully up and running. The last month has been go-go-go, but thank God its over lol. Here are some of the last months work that i'm happy with and would like to share. Enjoy! Two kennel packs; Left to right - Pacific blue, red, navy blue...
  5. Pictures
    just a few new pics hope everyone enjoys!!!!
  6. Pictures
    Bring Me to the Forbidden Well, here it is my first piece that has an actual background. I already see faults...but pushing that aside. This took two weeks, but i don't think that it'll take as long with future pieces. This piece features Espadon (character sheet coming soon). He...
  7. General Discussion
    My brother in law (the one I got Fatboy back from) called up my husband the other day asking if we had any dog wormer cause he found a dog. We went over there the day before yesterday for my mother in laws birthday and I saw this poor pitiful girl.Since he had found her the other day running...
  8. Pictures
    It's been a while since I've been postiong on here due to my busy schedule. Woke up this morning to see snow everywhere, so decided to take Jazmine out far a walk and here are the pics. She is coming up to 18 months now: And heres one I couldn't resist :lol I hope you...
  9. Pitbull Articles
    Official Discusses Concern After Latest Dog Attack Pit bulls have a nasty reputation and have been responsible for some horrific attacks, but the chief dog catcher in Pittsburgh believes that the recent attacks may not be a case of nature, but nurture. A man was taken to the hospital Sunday...
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    This my current project under works....it's about 45 minutes in This is being done with a mechanical pencil and will be inked and colored and shaded with colored pencils I'm having fun with this Obviously it's not done yet and a long way from being done....and this is obviously an ABDA style APBT
  11. Pictures
    Sasha at 8 months, taken today....
  12. General Discussion
    The other thread got out of hand I guess and was closed... Anyway, I saw the second episode and they finally showed the dog that was being stolen, I wanted to post the reason why as most of you I know wont be watching it. Shorty adopted this dog out and he supposedly has contracts stating they...
  13. Pictures
    My cousin bought a dslr and is practicing, I think this turned out great:
  14. Pictures
    2 of my latest tags. For PK: For some clan:
  15. General Discussion
    PETA miffed at President Obama's fly execution | U.S. | Reuters
  16. Pictures
    Cindy should get an academy award for her performance at all the adoption events she went to. she was so good, she got to go home this week. she'd come a long way in a short time. Now thats 1 more dog I dont have to worry about anymore. :clap:
  17. General Discussion
    Also what are the pros and cons of doing it later than sooner? He is 10 weeks now. thanks, kingstons owner
  18. The Pitbull Lounge
    I clicked my user CP and found it. Just wondering what it is/how it works?
  19. Pictures
    just thought id share some more updated pics of Breezie Girl who is now 6 months..:D:D
  20. Health & Nutrition
    What is the latest a female comes into heat? I have a set of sisters both are 1 year and 4 months old. The smaller one Lil Bit, is coming in to her second heat cycle (yes she will be an inside only dog for the next few weeks thanks to that recent OOPS posting in case I forgot) while her same...