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  1. General Discussion
  2. Pictures
    -when people are surprised after I tell them that my girl Sammy is half APBT. I guess because she's just solid black people don't think much about it and just label her a lab mix off the bat. To me, at least, the only lab I see in her is her solid black coat and slightly long muzzle. She's a bit...
  3. General Discussion
    This isn't about an APBT it's about my mom's chihuahua. Last night I was in my room on the computer and my mom came and asked me if her dog, Peaches, was in my room. I said no, I hadn't seen her. Besides that my door was shut because Faith has the run of my bedroom. So, I can hear my mom...
  4. General Discussion
    Wtf pitbull? Haha
  5. Pictures
    the tag says "dog harness" but it looks like a hamster harness to me. lol
  6. Pictures
    Couldn't help getting the camera to catch Miss Josey snoozing in the yard. She caught me Josey your underbite is showing! Contentment So mean to take such an ugly pic, but she makes me laugh!
  7. Pictures
    ok, so I just got 4 small videos of Highway, the evil black cat, messin Krusher up :p hahaha Enjoy - I couldn't help but laugh :D
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Here's one I found the other day that made me giggle... It's a one size blingy poop purse/duffel bag. No bigger than the size of a mini flash light (if that) that attaches to a dog leash or collar. So you can clean poop in fetching style o.O Yeah I don't see it fitting >.< :rolleyes:
  9. The Family Room
    hehe..... he has such a big laugh A few shots of him in his new activity center/jumper thing All bounced out Rearin and ready to go again!
  10. General Discussion
    this is great, i actually listened to this the other morning at work and fell in love with Bill Burr. make sure you watch the entire thing, if you don't plan on watching it all, don't even watch, let alone comment...
  11. General Discussion
    was walking my girl Freebie around the block training yesterday and ran into some kids in their driveway. Since Freebie is still learning, she got all hyper with the "new thing to look at and try to go smell". So I just had her stop- (the kids also didn't try to "pat the doggy") and sit or at...
1-11 of 28 Results