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  1. General Discussion
    Anyone else have an issue with their pit pup like me? I've seen him play outside with our other dog whos a mix of bull terrier and American Pit Bull but when i go out side to try and play with him he just sits at my feet. He wont fetch the ball and doesnt seem interested in the spring pole. Hes...
  2. General Discussion
    So my dog Bert has been with us for almost two months. We love him! He's about 18 months old and 53lbs today. He's gained 5lbs since we adopted him from the shelter. :) I realize he isn't a purebred dog, but was labeled a Pit Bull at the shelter. I am just surprised at how lazy he is for his...
  3. Pictures
    So I do screen printing on the side and since the weathers a little bit cooler now. I've brought their kennels into the garage while I work. So as I'm working I hear snoring and look over to find my two lazy coworkers. Then after I'm finish they decide to wake up and play. I guess everyone...
  4. Pictures
    This is my brindle pitty on one of his laziness is the key to happiness days Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  5. General Discussion
    My pup has one rose prick ear and one floppy one! I'm aware this may correct itself over time but if not is there anything I can do to correct this?
  6. Pictures
    Thought i would share my lazy crew with yall since its been a while lol.
  7. Pictures
    not alot of pictures like i usally post but here are the ones i took today, ball head come outside mom!! lol she was barking at me because i was inside she was out lazy bum pull gurl, pull
  8. Pictures
    Well it was actually descent outside today so we were able to work all the dogs.. sorry if the pics suck.. they are from my phone ... lol Here is my newest project Jolene This is my two year old working Coco CoCo Cheerio Tater Cali Teardrop Medusa...
  9. Jokes and Funny Stuff
  10. Pictures
    Its winter here so there a bit cold lol. Its been a while since I posted new pictures. Grace, Evo and oy pup Trish
  11. Pictures
    Sorry for the sub-par cellphone pictures. Been meaning to snap a few of the new collar. Great quality on this one as well.
  12. General Discussion
    okay well koda is now 7 months and i have noticed that lately he has been pretty lazy, sleeps pretty much ALL day till we go out on a walk and he still seems kinda sluggish. i feed him canidae (ALS) he is about 60 lbs and i feed him 1.5 cups in the am around 5 before i go to work then i come...
  13. General Discussion
    ... with Kane. He's 18 months old and I've decided it's high time I actually put him to work. Like a parent with a teenager, if you're going to be living in my house, you're going to earn your keep! haha. No more free rides for Mister Puppers. No more lazy days of fetch, hiking, and walks. I'm...
  14. Obedience Training
    Hey guys. Anyone have any thoughts on how to fix sloppy downs and sits? We are trying to train Copper for Akc OB and he is learning but when it comes to the sits and downs they are messy.
  15. Pictures
    I love these Pitts. My boy Herk is really big for 3 months, and he picks on Bella so much. But she puts up with him and is still his big loving sister. They're best buds!
  16. Pictures
    took some more pics today but it sure was hot outside, cali loved water from the hose so i sprayed her down an she loved it bear on the other hand ran inside :rofl:
  17. General Discussion
    My dog has bucked up & quit walking on me on our past three walks. Usually, she is an eager beaver & I have to make her stop. Otherwise she seems fine. She's been eating good, sleeping good, drinking, no vomit, regular stool. She'll do a few laps, then just stop like she is ready to go. She...
  18. Pictures
    After a nice long walk for both my doggies. Then a awesome workout with onyx here is what took place.........now keep in mind my 3 girls and i were cuddled on the couch watching tangled for the 596437964 time we also nodded out
1-20 of 44 Results