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  1. Pictures
    new pics :) Naughty pups
  2. Health & Nutrition
    As alot may know Grace may be pregnant. Yes it was not ment to happen, but im not going into this, this post is not in regards to what happened. And i can't tell for sure if she is its been over a month but there is only nipple growth no milk growth. Yes she and the father are fully registered...
  3. Pictures
    Just a quick pic of her a few weeks over 1 year @ 32lbs Sorry about the quality i will get more asap.
  4. Pictures
    Im sure i post pics every month she gets older hehe "Little Black Dog" is turning into a lady! I have a video i will also post but youtube is being an arse. Got a snap of her sister at the Show a few weeks ago too :)
  5. Pictures
    Shes grown so much since i got her! ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [351165] :: G.G.C'S EASTEND GURL :woof:
1-5 of 5 Results