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  1. General Discussion
    I picked up a 20' longe line for 25 cents a couple weeks ago, which was quite the find! Now I can teach Rhodie the meaning of come, and make sure he learns to stay in the yard. We live out in bum-f*** nowhere, with horse farms all around, so it's not too busy of a road, thankfully. Well, I...
  2. General Discussion
    ok, I have a 4 month old pbt x puppy and am having some serious grief at times with him at the minute!! His lineage is unknown and we don't know how long he was with his parents so this could be where it's from. We rescued him 2 weeks ago from a private bull breed rehomer. He does the whole...
  3. Pictures
    The little fella is doing so well learning self control, my wife and I are so proud of him!
  4. Pictures
    Video showing how well bear learning his sit stay's. We are working on it and I will make it more advance, but he's doing really good with distance work. This summer, we are going to work on it more til I can be very far from him,
  5. General Discussion
    Diamond is 6 months old now and this is her 1st time swimming, with a great mentor. She loves the hose. She bites the stream, jumps for it, stands in it. Im so glad that she likes the water. I cant wait to swim with her in the pool and at the beach.
  6. General Discussion
    So the boyfriend and I have been talking with an experienced bully breeder about colors and how certain colors come into play and what is required for each ect ect. Figured I would start tolook into it more and try and educate myself on this . was Looking for anyone who has a GREAT link they...
  7. Pictures
    Heres a short video of my pitbull learning some basic obedience commands. :hammer: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  8. Pictures
    I wanted to leave the door open with out him running in and out. If I keep looking you will be forced to let me in! Maybe if I just lay here and look pitiful? Cheese!
  9. General Discussion
    I think I've mentioned my across the road neighbour's dog continually escaping from his yard. I forget which thread I was talking about it but I'll give a quick recap: The dog (dobe mix) has been there since around the start of the year. In that time, I've had to put him back in his yard at...
  10. Pictures
    I think this 8 week old pup has potential she is very attentive. She is going to Washington but first she will be crate trained started on obedience and have the basics down.
  11. Schutzhund
    This is a clients dog who I am working and he may never compete but he is out having fun. It's hard working a new dog being pregnant and he is BIG but his training is progressing and by fall I want to at least do BH and maybe in a few years do a Sch 1. I only have him once or twice a week so it...
  12. General Discussion
    I am still learning and want to ask those with more experience. Mt puppy Freebie is I guess three and a half months now and she is grat but her mom Aysa, lets her hange on to her jowls or neck as they ar walking around outside. Aysa is doing her business and Freebie is just chomping on her...
  13. General Discussion
    so tonight im looking thru forums on the fone wit a friend.....it soinds like a distant bark and i pay no mind to it thinkin itz my neighbors dog and i keeo hearing it im not thinkin iz my dog cuz hes upside dwn sleepin...i heard it again i lok back and my jaw dropped dat Ace is learning how to...
  14. Obedience Training
    Well puppy class is almost over two more classes. This past monday we had different objects laying around the room to introduce to the dogs. Vendetta didn't mind any of butthe wheel chair she was unsure of. She didn't mind it when one of the boys sat in it and rolled around but when it moved...
1-16 of 22 Results