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  1. General Discussion
    Who can suggest quality leather dog collar? I also recommend this blog https://pawsnose.com/best-rolled-leather-dog-collars
  2. The Pitbull Lounge
    Hi I'm looking for someone reliable who makes leather collars for dogs or know someone or somewhere to look . I want one for my 7 month old pitbull . A good collar maker :) xo ty pictures please
  3. General Discussion
    Members I was asked if I could make an attachment in leather for the Bully spring pole.Here is my vision-each piece is 4 layer's of leather-fastend with heavy screws-solid welded d-ring.The medium is 2" d-ring-13x2.75 leather,and been held with wowen leather. Large one is 3" massive welded...
  4. General Discussion
    Can anyone recommend a heavy duty leather collar? I dont care for the leather collars at the local pet store, I want a higher quality, stronger collar than those. Thanks in advance.
  5. Pictures
    Close up of the tooling Even has the date it was made Henry, AKA Leatherman-cowboy is a grade A craftsmen and an even better business man. I would Highly recommend him to anyone. Fast, reliable, personable and made it exactly how my wife and i envisioned. Perfect seller! and Boss is so...
  6. General Discussion
    just lookin for some of your valued opinions on this matter
  7. Pictures
    These collars are really awesome, no joke. Nice, soft, thick padding, high quality leather and hardware... Contact Christy (Bedlam Bully on gp), I think Jon (reddoggy) can hook you up with more contact info... Thanks girl, we're lovin the collar now we need a matching leash!
  8. Do-it-Yourself
    So I'm going to make a chain lead and I have everything sitting at the house for it (had it from previous projects) but I need a leather strip (for the handle) and rivets. Does anyone know of a local store (obviously we are from different places) that would carry something like this? Hobby...
  9. General Discussion
    I know a lot of people are big on Stillwater collars here. But I was curious if anyone had ever used one of the padded leather collars? Just think it'd be a little more comfortable. Thoughts?
  10. Health & Nutrition
    has anybody ever seen a dogs neck get raw and irritated from a leather collar? i've stopped putting it on him because of it. Just curious. I don't even walk him on it (i use a prong)
  11. Products / Services
    That's right we make leather leashes and in several colors. Please Pm for more details and the current colors available length from 2' to 5' long. Here are some basic leashes to see the agility leashes please see our website Products starting at $15-$35 plus shipping $5.00 Each order is...
  12. General Discussion
    seen a discussion on another site about chain and leather leashes, they seem to think that a leather leash is stonger then a chain? i find this hard to belive, does anyone have any experince on what they think or know its the stongest leash out there, i know the clasp plays a big part but im...
  13. General Discussion
    Hey guys, We are just wondering is anyone has a great web source for thicker leather collars. I see lots of pics of pits with or without studs, and they look great! I would love to get Moose and Tessa matching ones, hers being pink of course!!! The normal pet store chains just do not carry...
  14. General Discussion
    I've been toying around with the idea of making leather dog collars lately, and wanted to see if anyone would be interested in it if I were actually to do it. I've never done any leatherworking before, so I'd have to experiment a bit, but I'm pretty sure I could pick it up. From what I'm...
1-14 of 21 Results