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    Just resting after a hard day.
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    This is Leela's serious look.
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    Oh man he has the camera again! Maybe if i act like a cow and eat grass he will go away Really dude? why do you need this many pics? On the hunt... checking on the yard Arg! he is still at it with the camera i will stick my toung out I SAID STOP IT!!!!! Ahh well i might as...
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    just watch and see...she must have been planing this for months
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    Hey guys, i know i have not been around for a few weeks but i been stupid busy with things and i pretty much only get to drop into chat at night but it was such a beautiful day and i just got done cutting my lawn i thought i would take some video of the little girl running down some sticks this...
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    that is all
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    she got the hang of it pretty fast i think
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    leela loves her football she says go gaints!
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    got some videos of leela playing in the snow...first one is in my father backyard....ad the end i almost fall over trying to leela to sit..lol...almost! she found a bone in this one somehow
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    so after just over a month leela's custom collar showed up from Collar Mania Custom Dog Collars - Custom Dog Collars i am impressed with the work was well worth the wait. i will get some better pics of it once she calms down lol here is the only good pic i could snap of it on her i think it...
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    Leela and I got out first X-mass tree on sat. and just as we were getting done with it the snow started falling it was kinda cool.. here is the tree and leela getting into the x-mass mood leela likes it eat snow
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    she gets so into one thing some times she just does it over and over again...lol
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    so my little one turned 1 today i gave her some nice boiled chicken with her dry this morning and after work we went to petco for a new toy and bed i picked her up a fire hose toy that seemed pretty tough at the store but now that its home i dont think it will live threw the night and a new...
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    i have not posted any pics of her in a long time...its been a long and stressful move buying a house but now that im all moved in and all is good again i thought i would post a few pics of little leela all grown up ok here is leela all grown up she will be a year old nov. 19 her first pic ever...
  15. Health & Nutrition
    ok here go's a few days back I posted about my little one not wanting to eat that has gotten better but now she has the poops again, so for the past 3-5 weeks she has been on and off this weird upset tummy stuff. she will not feel well and wake me up 2-3 times a night to go out at night and...
  16. Health & Nutrition
    ok today i found a few red spots on leela's tummy i have seem this one other time and took her to the vet the next day but they were gone by the time the vet saw her. this time i snaped a few pics with my iphone they are not the best pics but you can atlest see what im talking about. they look...
1-16 of 17 Results