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  1. Raw Foods
    I had a dog almost die tonight choking on a raw pork neck. I've thrown up twice over the whole ordeal and I just can't seem to shake this feeling. I've had dogs die, dogs killed, and dogs stolen and I have NEVER felt this useless and scared. I guess I've never watched a dog dying I've just found...
  2. Pictures
    Since I posted a pic and video of Pyra flying, I felt Lucius needed his own thread for once lol! Here are his latest...he is 7 months as of today! I just hooked him up to get a pic...this is not the right collar for a chain set up ;) Tug! Running to me....he loves me.... Jump! He...
  3. Pictures
    This guy is in a kill shelter near my sister in the Bay Area and he only has two days left and is 18 months old!! Does anyone know anyone we could call?! Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
  4. Pitbull Articles
    Alligator and Hungry Pit Bull Left Behind in Massachusetts Apartment - Yahoo! What the heck is wrong with people!!!! UGH makes me so angry!!!
  5. Pictures
    heres some pics of the fatty :) on sunday or monday I will take more pics of her to do a "puppy poll" as angel suggested, everyone can make a guess on how many is in there... it sounds fun!
  6. Authorized Breeders
    3 Females Left!! 8x CH Gator These little girls are ready to go on Thanksgiving. 8x CH Gator breeding, triple bred off Buford.. They are ADBA registered, will have first shots and a Nizmo collar! here is their ped ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [334349] :: LUCKY LITTER Alrighty then!! May I...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    So I'm starting this new diet for my self, using vegetables and fruit juices only. Made from real fruit n veggie on a Juicer. I'm wondering if I could use the mushy left over extract in the dog's food? Like celery, apples, carrots, cucumbers. Just wondering, cause I rather give it to them then...
  8. Products / Services
    I was unpacking everything from the show and found two collars, they fit size 19"-23" necks. so a few inches bigger than our normal size. Red on Black -$13 w/shipping or both for $22 SOLD! Royal Blue on Black$13 w/shipping SOLD! and L-22", W-3/4". 3 for $10 or one for $4 w/shipping
  9. Authorized Breeders
    so here they are frist up is the smalest of the bunch . This lil male has a bit of a FA but all in all hes a good boy . 2nd is the other male , also he is the biggest of all them . abit on the shy side until he gets to know you . and this is the lil blue baby . sweet is all i need to...
  10. The Pitbull Lounge
    They're wild now, no one has fed them at least since august... I found a rescue, that may take them, but IDK if they'll want them as pets. I hope they take them... I don't think it would be right just setting them free to destroy peoples property.
  11. General Discussion
    I dropped them off about an hour ago at Jenny's house. She's taking them in to work with her for their ear crops.
  12. The Pitbull Lounge
    Hello everyone, Megan here! I haven't been on as much lately. Since I found out I was pregnant I've been thinking a lot more about it then I have about anything else! I had my first doctors appointment yesterday and the doctor confirmed my due date as April 28 2010. And I am 7 weeks along. He...
  13. Positive Pitbull News
    Can you believe some people? Poor dog was left to die in the trash. Dog Thrown In Trash, Left To Die | WUSA9.com | Washington, DC |
  14. The Pitbull Lounge
    Hey guys im in a hard spot right know and was hoping if some one could help me out? My wife Jen has decided to leave me and has moved in with her moms house but spends all her day and night at a friends house brit! We have two lil boys that are fixing to be 4 and 2 years old. We've been together...
  15. General Discussion
    Not sure if any of you heard about the pitbull that was set on fire. It happened in Baltimore, MD, last week. A Baltimore police officer saw something black on fire rolling around in the street. She used her sweater to put out the fire. The puppy was rushed to the vet. They tried to save...
  16. Pictures
    indi rips the newpapers to shreds so you'll see it scattered about lol. Monday she licked this one alittle raw...notice the nice head stand! and yes there are three puppies in this picture lol! the runt is doing great...she's even fighting off the bigger two to eat...can't you tell?lol...
  17. General Discussion
    Well I had been talking to a lady and her son from Sacramento about Prime and they came to meet him today and he of course wowed them with his adorableness and he went home. They are exited about the shows too so they will become out with him to see about this showing and weight pulling stuff...
  18. Bloodline Discussion
    I have owned pitts for 30yrs but have only bred three times by selection. I am new to this posting stuff, but I find it very interesting. I would like your opinion on my pedigree. I am still not breeding them... Rogees diamond/battendof gator/rogees snapper/Battendorf coco/battendof...
  19. Pictures
    So some of you know I've rearranged my yard. Due in part to finances, time, and just needing to go in a different direction. Mighty Lugz has gone to Jon (reddoggy) and he looks like he's settled in well! Also Sway has gone to be a spoiled house dog with a great family about 20mins away from...
  20. General Discussion
    Hoping that with the wealth of personal experience you guys have, you may have some ideas about how much growing would be expected. My girl is 4months and a week, 16 kilos.... not 100 per cent on her "mix"? I am in the uk and nervous on that issue.