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  1. Pictures
    Can anyone give me feedback on weather on not beef liver is a good healthy treat for a dog please?!
  2. Pictures
  3. Pictures
    heres a few i snapped at the park today on the camera phone
  4. General Discussion
    We just adopted a beautiful 1 yr old female, Lexi, Tuesday. (Not really keen on the name....doesn't go with the scary theme we have going, :) Any suggestions??) Anyway, she was adopted a couple months ago from a couple that decided they couldn't keep her, too busy, kids had no interest, she was...
  5. Pictures
    Lexis almost a year (her birthday is april 13th) and i just snapped a few before school 2day I see a cat Get off of Gopitbull and play with me OOO u think this is your bed
  6. Pictures
    No lexi doesnt really do drugs although the snow makes her so hyper you would think shes smoking crack lol. she just cant stop were gunna have an intervention soon i hope you can see the pics for some reason they disapeared be4
  7. Pictures
    I went to see my dad this weekend and Papo goes where i go. Lexi is my or was my 4 yr old boxer. She was my X-mas present when i was 16, and when it was time for me to get my own place, my dad would not part with her. So i got Papo. Papo is 14wks it these pics. Lexi tryn to figure out how...
  8. General Discussion
    Heres some pictures of my girls...Hope you like them...Pits gotta be the hardest pups to get pictures of (good ones anyway)....Pups are 5 months old:cheers: Kenny
1-9 of 10 Results