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  2. pitbull behavior
    Ok just wondering what this is.My boy will be 7months end of this month and he is already lifting his leg well has done it 3different times.I know well hope it isn't a bad thing but wanna know is this a sign of maturity or what?
  3. General Discussion
    Well im not sure if anyone knows anything about this but i have a 5 month old bully and he hasnt started lifting his leg to pee yet? is this normal? I have a 6 year old female german shephard and i think he is following her.... Is it just to early for him to be lifting his leg or is it to...
  4. BSL Discussion
    The Netherlands: More on lifting the pit bull ban How the UKCE worked to overturn the ban By Sharon St Joan, Best Friends Network Staff Writer Since the lifting of the pit bull ban in the Netherlands on June 9, we are learning more about the hardships experienced by pit bulls and their...
1-4 of 4 Results