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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    What color would you call these pups? They are all kind of mixed different colors, not brindle. The parents are light. [emoji2368] . He is the daddy. Sent from my 6062W using Tapatalk
  2. General Discussion
    Hi I live in England and got my little man a few month ago. Not too sure what type of dog he is. I have been looking at xxl bully's online and I think he looks like one. I have uploaded a picture and was just wondering if anyone could shed any light for me. Thanks
  3. General Discussion
    A little awww-spiration to start your week off right. How sweet are these pitties??? Photographer Sophie Gamand did an amazing job with these pics, don't you think? You can read the rest of the article (with more cute Pitbull pics) here.
  4. General Discussion
    Ok I need some info I heard Going light Barney was a blue dog but some say he was a blaxk brindle.How true is that was he blue brindle seal or black?
  5. History
    Neat lil story i found while surfin on FB, thought i would share it. Sourced: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-working-american-pit-bull-terrier/going-light-barney-and-blue-dogs-by-richard-f-stratton/307581579375344 Going Light Barney and Blue Dogs by Richard F. Stratton Although I have...
  6. Conditioning
    I'd like to start conditioning Helena. She is on the hefty side. But I don't want to work her too hard because of her knees (both acl's torn) And she is scared of the flirt pole. She will do spring pole, but I need to build one. She does a lot of running in the back yard. What is a good light...
  7. Bloodline Discussion
    Anyone know anything about them? Anything current? I've had two in the past, both awesome little dogs and small, just the way I like 'em
  8. Obedience Training
    How do you guys feel about off leash obedience training with your APBTs? Do you think it's a complete "no no" or do you think it's a good idea? either way, why? If you vote "no-ish" I have a feeling what you will say, and I completely understand it, but would you ever consider it?. if you...
  9. Pictures
    Ok.. so since I've been into photography, its always been my dream to photograph Lightning during a storm. Try as I may, I've never been able to do it, until lastnight!! So, without further ado... here's my work.. I like this shot.. you can see the clouds and a couple stars, along with...
  10. Weight Pulling
    Hello, this is my first time posting on here. I'd like to say awesome site so far. My question is this. I have a 10 month old APBT that I am interested in doing some light drag work with. I wanted to get him up to about 15 lbs and just have him drag it long distances like in the park or...
  11. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I was wondering if anyone in this fourm travels to foreign countries.
  12. General Discussion
    Rachael Ray.... Pitbull owner who has no idea about DA.... Rachael Ray Nightmare: Pit Bull May Have To Be Put To Sleep | RadarOnline.com but the bad news is Rachael is devastated by her dog's aggressive behavior which may escalate causing Isaboo to harm another dog, child or adult. Bad light...
  13. Misc. Dog Activities
    Okay so I have training Vendetta in flyball for about 2 1/2 months. Well she has been having trouble with full runs. Last week I had her going over two jumps getting the ball and returning to me yes she was doing that great. I figured the next day when we went out that maybe I move on to three...
  14. Health & Nutrition
    I recently bought a medium sized rawhide bone for my 4 month old pit and i have noticed little bits of light pink on it and I've noticed a little blood from his gums. Is this normal and a part of teething or should I remove the bone from him. Thanks!
  15. Bloodline Discussion
    Going Light Barney and Blue Dogs by Richard F. Stratton Although I have been often referenced as the authority on Going Light Barney, I must confess that I never even saw Barney in holds. I found it quite fascinating, however, that he was one of the most controversial dogs of which I ever knew...
1-15 of 21 Results