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  1. Pictures
    AGKs Wicked Wayz http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com/public/printPedigree.php?dog_id=695838
  2. Pictures
    I got my little girl about a year ago. She seems hyperactive to my family but when were not out walking for countless miles we're at home playing with our other dogs. She just naps in our room, obviously. They just get to deal with her wide awake. She's definitely not a first timer pet parent...
  3. Pictures
    if u like her show some love for venus and answer my question if u can help please
  4. Pictures
    We got this sweet little girl yesterday and i am having a hard time thinking of a name for her. Anyone want to help?
  5. Pictures
    Yea, I did that No it did not go as planned lol I knew what I was doing, I knew what might happen when choosing two of the most "confident" pups to take, but I wanted some pictures of MY pups together. They did get into a serious puppy fight and a little blood was shed, nothing major, but...
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  7. pitbull behavior
    My dog smoke is very good he's a pitbull type dog (byb) but he's only listen to my commands inside the house n when we go out he don't listen to nothing one time he got outside the gate n was running around n almost got hit by a car I tried running after him I finally got him to sit once I got...
  8. Pictures
    Pyra is a sad lil dog on bath day :p
  9. Pictures
    He has a very high prey drive! And loves the flirt pole! I normally wear him down around 7pm so he sleep through out the night and don't bother my big German Shepherd. The Shepherd tolerates him, but can get annoyed eventually ;) Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  10. Pictures
    LOL so i ordered Odin a sweatshirt cuz he's a wimp and gets cold. I read the size chart and got the one that had the right chest and neck measurements. Apparently they should post shoulder measurements too lol. Made me laugh though and thought I would share. :hammer::hammer::hammer:
  11. Pictures
    Last week we brought her to the park and she loved it!
  12. Pictures
    My lil man loves his new cage
  13. Pictures
    Just a few pics I took this morning
  14. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Hyperbole and a Half: Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving :woof: posted on my FB page. a lil blog story about moving with dogs. :cheers:
  15. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Ok so I already posted in the intro thread and been around a few weeks gettin good advice and chattin up people in general. So I wanted to introduce myself a lil more. Not sure what section this goes in so if a mod needs to move this, go right ahead. lol Alright then, I am a 27 (soon to be 28)...
  16. Pictures
    Just had my lil girls bro for a couple of days he has now been sold think my lil patch is missing him. Patch has been feed origen since 5 weeks old Chunk has been feed random cheap 1 star food as you can probably see by the pictures (and no I only had him for 1 night hes not mine or would get...
  17. Bloodline Discussion
    Im am definately excited! All my "Hanna" puppies have found their new homes, along with Hanna, herself. So I decided I had room for a new addition. I went back to the yard I got Kruger off of and got a female I named Miss Frankinstein AKA Franki! Franki's Sire ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [383757] ...
1-18 of 105 Results