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  1. General Discussion
    Lilbits gone... RIP My girl I've never cried so much in my life
  2. Pictures
    New video... Best for last...
  3. General Discussion
    Hey guy's its been awhile just stopping by to let y'all know I hardly drink anymore and to let you know I'm doing ok... Lilbit will be 10 yrs old this yr and she still acts like a pup... I'll get some new pics soon and add them here... I don't get on the internet but once a week for right now so...
  4. General Discussion
    My photography skills are nowhere as good as yours but this dog is something special. Here's a little pic of her condition. Let me know what you think:)
  5. General Discussion
    The only thing this dog loves more is her collar... she knows she's going out :D
  6. General Discussion
    Can You Identify The PIT BULL? - XDTalk Forums - Your HS2000/SA-XD Information Source! This dog for some reason gets around ;)
  7. General Discussion
    APBT CLUB MEXICO I'm impressed :D
  8. General Discussion
    On MagMyPic.com - Fake Magazine Covers with your Photo! Novelty Magazines and Gifts!... Hope you have fun with your dogs ;)
  9. Pictures
    Introducing Choxie, she's just started filling out at a year old... what you think? Her ped... http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com/public/printPedigree.php?dog_id=255413
  10. General Discussion
    I thought it was supposed to be the other way around lol By the way as you'll notice she's getting fat, it's embarrassing to show her like this but...:o
  11. Pictures
    We had a memorial fun show for Brandon Todd a 27 yr old member of our club that was killed in Albany Ga, RIP my friend, this one was for you :doggy: I took Lilbit and Wild Bill... Lilbit took 1st in her class, Best red nose, Best buck skin, Best conditioned, and Best in show, here's some pics...
  12. Pictures
    As some of you know Lilbit don't take to strangers to well, I've been working on that ;) The results of the meeting... I think they fell in love, what do you think? :rofl:
  13. General Discussion
    Well it was pretty today so I decided to let her get some air ;) Didn't get to many good shots because of help... you know the old saying (you just can't get good help anymore) :poke:
1-13 of 14 Results