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    So this is the guy I've been fostering for a little over a month now. His name was Lou but I renamed him to Ogie. What do you think? Should I fail as a foster and adopt him?
  2. Misc. Dog Activities
    So I wound up buying Lina a 6' bungee leash online which arrived last week. I already had a harness for her, so to complete the package I got a 4' longboard for me. The goal here is to have her run to get exercise while I tag along for moral support. BTW, I am NOT a runner...never have been...
  3. Pictures
    So we were at the park on Saturday and in swaggers this little guy who fell in love with Lina. No matter where she went, he was right there with her...sniffing her butt & all. He was licking her face and moved around to dive into the humpers. Everyone there was laughing...
  4. Pictures
    Was bored so I filmed Lina running around like nuts. Does anyone else's dog(s) do this too? Lina's Happy Fun Run of Death
1-4 of 4 Results