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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    :woof:I just joined - If anyone is interested in DANGERZONE - lines, name, breed etc. you can write to me. We started promoting the "dog" with a lot of grief from ADBA instead of our Name. With respect and thanks to the great "PR" Oehler's Dangerzone. We still breed but not on a high...
  2. The Pitbull Lounge
    Happy birthday lady!!!!!
  3. Pictures
    About to leave in an hour to go pick up Lisa and Crixus from the Sacramento Airport! Crixus with Lisa at petsmart the other day with Lisa. Crixus waiting with Lisa to board this morning :D
  4. The Pitbull Lounge
    Hey woman, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you have the best day, tons of slobbery kisses from the boys and hugs from me :D :woof::woof::woof::woof::woof::woof::woof::woof::woof::woof::woof::woof::woof:
  5. Pictures
    Baby Banties :D
  6. General Discussion
    I really love that Lisa has nice dogs and does everything without losing the form of the dog. Her dogs are awesome (even the blues :rofl: ) Its nice to see someone with a few blue dogs that do not get into the hype of big blue money machines. Gotta love a breeder who appreciates the dogs as they...
  7. Agility
    This is more technical than anything... What are the dimensions of your uprights in this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmDHMUQJIiY I would like to one day build one, because I talked to Kathy at Canine Sports and it made me want to get the dogs into agility later down the line.
  8. General Discussion
    Anyone know where I can find updates on the ADBA event? I'm dyeing to know how Lisa and her gang are doing!
  9. Health & Nutrition
    I got my ivermectin in, going to take chino to get tested for worms and then administer... I can't believe what an inexpensive alternative this is . I really appreciate it, I just wanted to let you know. Any other money saving advice, throw it my way I'm just a broke Messican!!!!
  10. General Discussion
    I'm coming from Jacksonville florida to albequeque NM... tell me if you're close to one of these highways... I would love to meet some people from the board... Florida: 301 I-10, Alabama: I-65 N US-45 I-65 E Mississippi: US-98 W I-59 US-49 Louisiana: I-20 I-220W Texas: TX-557 Spur W US-80...
1-10 of 17 Results