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  1. General Discussion
    how do I get my change my title from littermates to litter mates. which was my title when I joined in June of 2007
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Hey everyone, I just joined because I need help with my momma dog and 12 puppies. Momma dog is named Sissy. Sissy gave birth last Saturday on August 11th, she had 5 puppies at home naturally and when she started having contractions but didn't produce anything all night, I took her to the vet the...
  3. Pictures
    The pups were 7 months 4/11/17, and the owners have all sent me photos. :) Rhodie went to visit Macy at my Mother in Law's house. They had a blast. :) Nalah Liberty, Guarding one of her kids Legacy Odin Maverick Samson Rhodie: PEDIGREE: h2o's Providence Strikes Again
  4. Bloodline Discussion
    I have a female blue gotti (Nahla) and a American bully (Tonto) and we weren't trying to breed them. But You can't stay awake 24/7 lol well while at work my daughter let my female out and they got stuck what colors do you think I will get he's black in the sun he is chocolate and my female is...
  5. Authorized Breeders
    Tell me which is your favorite! :) I can't wait till this Sunday, when I pick my keeper! <3 <3 <3 MALES: Stryker Jr Soldier Patriot Buehrle Jr FEMALES: Macy Liberty Legacy Justice
  6. Authorized Breeders
    We have an upcoming litter we are quite excited about! Indie has been successfully bred to Stryker, and puppies are due Mid September! Pedigree speaks for itself. &#128571; Parents are health tested and titled...
  7. General Discussion
    As a rule of thumb, how do these puppies turn out when they grow up? I want a dog that wants to please. Always. At all cost :rofl:. I'm also interested in obedience training and sports. It seems the most energetic dog should perform best in sports and competitions, but at the same time the most...
  8. Pictures
    So been a while since I been here. I wanted to share what I have been up to. It is the breeding of our first litter after two seperate failed breedings we have our first pups. ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [466136] :: BUCK UGLY PUPS Picture over load Stone's Hotdogs or Pink-a-boo my daughter has decided...
  9. Pictures
    Hey All, I know most of you are against BYB and thats fine. Taking that out of the equation, what are y'alls opinion about this litter? Both Parents are posted as well. ** Not My Litter ** Do they look healthy? Do they look normal? I know about Whites & Merle and health but I don't know all.
  10. Bullies 101
    Im hoping someone with bully experience could give me some insight on this up coming bully breeding. Sire: PACK-EDGE'S THE CHOSEN 1 IRO - Verified American Bully Pedigree Database Dam: PACK-EDGE'S ELORA - Verified American Bully Pedigree Database Thanks!
  11. Bloodline Discussion
    hi everyone i am looking to buy my first pitbull. i am talking to the breeder and he sent me his sire's pedigree link. what do you guys think about this litter, and would it be a good first puppy. i do not plan on being a breeder or anything. i would just like to know that im getting a good...
  12. Pictures
    I can't beleive Earl is three years old today!!!
  13. Pictures
    I have a litter of ten puppies. About 5 came out looking very pitty but the others are different. Some are furry. I watched my pit mount her and get stuck 2 times, but I also have had a male boxer around her when they were outside. Also, my female seems to have longer fur than a typical Pitt the...
  14. Pictures
    Pics of a few of the pups of my litter from my dogs Prodigy & Mystique Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  15. General Discussion
    So I jus had a litter of 10. (7 boys3girls) 2 pups kame out white wit gray markings an the rest is au gray wit white they r Sierra Am Staffordshire they jus made 7 weeks old an range about 12lbs the runt weighs 9 1/2 lbs I need to pick a boy an girl to keep but having a very hard tym..... any...
  16. Health & Nutrition
    Anyone ever heard of an entire litter of pups being partially to completely blind? Since opening their eyes they all appear to have some degree of blindness. The female has been bred before, and she had 5, but all were happy healthy pups with great drive and fire. This time she had 8, one born...
  17. General Discussion
    If I have a pup from a 3 pup litter It's better then a 10 pup litter ? Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  18. Pictures
    Pups born a couple weeks ago, five in all. They are from a crossed up line of cur type dogs and both parents have been outstanding strike dogs for their owners, as well as the grandparents and on up the line. I can't wait to see how they turn out. Momma and pups a day or two after they were...
  19. General Discussion
    Hello guys, I am happy to find a forum of dog lovers who know and love pit bulls like I do. My red nose Pit Bull bitch Tasha has a one month old litter of nine puppies. As we prepare for puppy selling time, we've realized that we still do not know for sure who the father is yet. This was an...
1-19 of 63 Results