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  1. pitbull behavior
    Hey guys, So my sister will be visiting me during the holidays and she will be coming with her two Boxers. My pits (Zic and Dollar) are good with people and other pets but my sister's Boxers are quite aggressive. They do socialize well with people they know but are not good with strangers. They...
  2. General Discussion
    I have a friend in another state trying to find a place in the northeastern corner of Missouri, around the Hannibal area. She has two pit bulls, and wants to be back by June. If anyone knows of a place she can rent/stay, please let me know.
  3. Pictures
    I'm so bad about posting in here now I know. For those of you who aren't friends with me on Facebook this is Blue River's Pablo Escobar (BR Rampage x BR Baby Yo). He is a Shorty Bull for those who aren't familiar with them. Just doing a little shopping at Home Depot He hates...
  4. General Discussion
    Looking for a possible new friend for John to play with... Any body live near Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos...? John and I just moved so he doesn't have any friends to play with anymore.. :/
1-4 of 73 Results