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  1. Pictures
    Meet Loco!
  2. General Discussion
    loco is about 6months or so now and he will not stop peeing in the house. he doesnt do it all the time its maybe once a week now maybe twice. i have dont everything i can think of but for some reason he still peesi in the house. i have also talked to many people about it and so many seem to say...
  3. Pictures
    hes got sooo big hes now 36lbs at 5months. and i added some pics of karm in there of course lol... some of karm she is wierd....there was no toy or anything under the cusion...i looked lol thats thats why i love her lol sometimes shes in her own little world
  4. Obedience Training
    99.9% of the time loco is and angel....but that 1% its time to bring out the muzzle. yes i know he is still young and some people just think its "cute" when his HA comes out because hes still little. but all see and think about when he does this is how much of a problem it will be when hes...
  5. Pictures
    he got his ears cropped today i think they look PERFECT!!! im so happy, loco is acting like nothing even happened lol still running around like his crazy self. Before After
  6. Pictures
    they were sleeping, i thought it was sooo cute :D this is how he sleeps lol and he is the loudest snorer i think ive ever heard!!
1-6 of 6 Results