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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Hello I just have a quick question of why my dog isn’t growing hair behind her eyes. As picture show she is basically completely bald behind both of her eyes.
  2. Pictures
    It was a while ago, but here some pictures of my dogs in the park. This is Lola, 5 yrs young: And here some pics of Jojo 2,5 yrs young: Finally home Gr Jim
  3. Pictures
    So I have posted some pic's of Jojo. Now it's time for Lola my 'princess' :) (she will be 4 yrs in may.)
  4. Pictures
    This is my girl Lola - She's just ridiculous :) sorry so blurry, my tablet takes crap pictures in low light.
  5. Pictures
    Sup? Here's some Pics of My Homie and Stuff :p Lola's Dad (White/Blue), The Red female is not her Mother, Her Mom is Full Blue. @ 6 Weeks @ 3.5 Months @ 8 Months and 8 Days Bred on Second Heat @ 12 Months, Too early if You ask Me, this was due to some very irresponsible friends. It...
  6. Pictures
    Ok so I haven't posted since I first brought my little girl home, but I'm going to try and stay more active around here. Still can't believe how quickly she's growing! I couldn't be happier with Lola, she's a real sweetheart with a hilarious personality. At 8 weeks: Around 10-12 weeks...
  7. Pictures
    OMG This little pup is CRAZY LOCA!!! do not let that cute face fool you!!! LOL she was so cute and quiet when we were in the car she slept the entire way back home but as soon as she hit the ground she became a little terrorist! She even tried to bite and growl at Ava and Bogart they can't go...
  8. Pictures
    Yes that's right! I made gift sketches for them. I think that they have some gorgeous dogs, and i wanted to share the pics with GP. The results? They loved them :D Cheryl Caragan's Lola Lindsay's Superman K, thanks for looking :D
  9. General Discussion
    ive been looking for a snake and i finally found one......i know some of u are breeders and iw as goin to get 1 from yall but i found a local breeder through a friend of mine and got her for 30 bucks.......
  10. Pictures
    New pics of lola
  11. Pictures
    Hey guys this is my first pitbull at almost 6months . Any ideas of how big she'll get from these pics?
  12. Pictures
    My puppy after playing in the yard for a whilee
  13. Pictures
    5months just got her new harness
  14. Obedience Training
    LOLA will be 3 mnths old this 23 ..awwh. shes a sweeti pie but sometimes gets alil nippy, and a lil snarly during play..how can i minimize the snarling. i do use the put her down method when needed and she knows this method.funni she goes down sometimes before actaully doing it.smart lil pup but...
  15. General Discussion
    this is lola you can see more like her at http://monsterpitkennels.net/photos/index.php or if your a hater just click away..
1-15 of 16 Results