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  1. General Discussion
    Been a long time since i have frequented any forums. My boy Rampage turned 12 a week ago and my other boy Titan is about to be 4. Rampage is the Blue. Titan the tan.
  2. Obedience Training
    Background : Long time member but haven't posted in a while, we had to put down our Male Dozer a little over a year ago and finally decided it was time to get a pup. This round we decided we didn't want a "puppy" but a pup that is around 4-6mo old and we lucked out finding Nala. A couple had...
  3. Pictures
    Just wanted to share a few pics of my baby boy! He's still not in 100% health since we got him last year (aftermath of mistreatment by previous family) but he looks happy and healthy and strong to me!!
  4. Pictures
    Hey guys!!! I am sure there's a ton of new guys here who don't know me! Hi I am Holly... I own lot's of dogs! =D I'll do a second thread with the rest of the yard. :) I added some new guys to the yard I though some of you guys might like! I picked up a pair of brothers that I am in love with...
  5. General Discussion
    Well March 1st ...tomorrow....is going to be a tough one..it will be 3 years since I lost my baby girl Mavis. She is dearly missed. I had her since I was 9 and I'm 23 now.....she was all I had growing up. She was my best friend. .....it still hurts like it was just yesterday. Ill never get over...
  6. Pictures
    Hello guys! It's been forever since I posted. I'm hoping to become a bit more active again but I have a hard time keeping up on forums... we shall see! Alice is going on 7, and Dakota is going on 6... it's crazy how time flies. But I also have a new addition named Natsu. He's only 5 1/2 months...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    Hey everyone! I'm trying to find better bones to give my girl who's 11. She loves bully sticks but they go very fast lol, I also give her the white ones that are stuffed with flavor such as peanut butter, bacon, etc. She's not really into them that much. Occasionally I will put a little...
  8. Pictures
    I'm so bad about posting in here now I know. For those of you who aren't friends with me on Facebook this is Blue River's Pablo Escobar (BR Rampage x BR Baby Yo). He is a Shorty Bull for those who aren't familiar with them. Just doing a little shopping at Home Depot He hates...
  9. Pictures
    been a while since i've posted anything of the dogs.. here are a few pictures i got recently of Daisy and Diesel, need to get some of Dre still Daisy turned 6 on June 5th and Diesel will be 4 on July 28th mmmm, crackers
  10. Pictures
    So I havent been on here in a LONG time lol so here are some updated pics of the mutts. First up Drake... now Alexa... now Magnus
1-10 of 184 Results