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    Hi all, I'm an author (yes - a dog book) and I have a dog blog on my website. Yesterday, I posted a funny and sweet blog about George the pit bull mix. I heart pit bulls. - The Stolen Dog: A Love Story Also, if any of you would like to see your dog featured on the blog - please send me...
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    A Day At The Park He is just like other dogs I would always say; He loves to go to the dog park to play every day Everyone loves him there, so it's ok; My dog won't fight--he wasn't raised that way But then one day, right before dark, A troubled young man came into the park He had by his...
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    Pre-Story: I adopted my pittie about a month and a half ago via my local shelter's adoption drive. She's been a dream, loves me and my partner (although she seems to see him as a pack member, and me as the alpha because i'm much firmer on what i do and don't allow, no toe nibbling, no dinner...
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    new kittens they are wittle I MISS YA'LLLLL
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    For me, it was the area I grew up in as a teenager. A lot of people had pits, but usually not for the right reason. Still, I was always attracted to breed. I never knew much about them, I think for the most part I admired there beauty. As I grew up through my teenage years I think I got to...
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    My son showed this site to me before it was put up and asked what I thought... so I guess he put it up... Feline Forum: A Cat Forum and Community for Cat Lovers
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    she`always needs to be touching me..if im with the kid she needs to be in the middle..she wont let anyone get near my daughter... she follows her around waiting for someone to treat her wrong...she is too much
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    Pit bulls have an undeserved reputation as violent, says a defender of the breed, who wants owners under more scrutiny. By Kim Ode, Star Tribune When Dottie Michel was hospitalized with kidney and liver failure, her mother wasn't wild about taking in her pit bull. The young dog intimidated...