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  1. Pictures
    Leah can not take here eyes off the baby she. Just wants to lick her to death and the baby likes her too #Best Friends forever
  2. General Discussion
    Ok i know this may sound weird and pretty gross like "whaaaaaat? Your pit loves your crotch?" but yes it is true. I have a 4 month old blue pit named piston and he obsessed woth my crotch! If i leave any of my clothes were he can get to them he chews the crotch out. I notice that its when im on/...
  3. Pitbull Articles
    This from Good Morning America on ABC. Click HERE Joe
  4. Pictures
    My little Lady loves playing in the snow!!! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  5. pitbull behavior
    Can someone help me. My five month old pitbull pup just loves to get into a garbage can. She knocks them both down and spreads all the garbage around the kitchen. Any way to stop her from doing that? It is a hassle to go and pick up the huge mess but its also a safety issue. Sometimes there may...
  6. Obedience Training
    Hey guys, we need some help with our Bravo! He will do ANYTHING for a hot dog, but when it comes to being outside with out one? His training goes out the window. Inside the house, he's very calm and pays close attention to us. He also does what we ask of him inside and he's GREAT with watch...
  7. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Hello.....anyone know a single man in good shape between the ages 43-56 that is passionate about helping pitbulls? I read a story about a couple that met on a pitbull website, fell in love and now run one of the biggest pitbull rescues in Missouri. I live in Cary NC, im a SWF 42 5'11" athletic...
  8. Pictures
    Weekends mean going to the cabin! Frisbee! Trying to stalk in the grass. :) Hanging out with his favorite girl. He loves the woods! Swimming in the pond. He was so upset because his ball sank and he lost it :( Finally he got so tired he curled up in the golf cart. And ... at the...
  9. Pictures
    Trying to upload pics of my babies....lets see if it works.
  10. Pictures
    like the title says, photo dump time. image heavy obviously. all kinds of random photos of Odin over the last month or so. enjoy :D he loves the hose more than any other dog i have ever met. "rawr! im gunna get u water!" Airborne! "oh! u got me!" "when is dad coming home?" "why did u tell...
  11. Pictures
    i have a baby doll lol an umm ya cali dosnt like it lol she was gettin tired waitin for the baby doll to come down from the shelf frog legs she loves i mean loves to chase her tail and happy when she gets it i love my baby gurl, she is my shadow where i go she must come an wait...
  12. Pictures
    so on the 22nd my moms sister flew down here from poland, stayin her for 6 months, well at first she was scared of bear n cali but of course they changed her mind about the breed :) she seems to really love bear an of course she loves cali who wouldnt first up bear on the stairs lol then on...
  13. Pictures
    Cuz he gets off his fat butt for once!! ;P Yay, thanks for looking at my goofy dog! :)
  14. Pictures
    Hey guys!! I know I've been picture crazy lately LOL!! But I just can't get enough of my kids :) This girl loves the spring pole, love me some athletic dogs :) Hope you guys enjoy!!! Sorry for the picture overload!!!
  15. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    hahaha this is hilarious!
  16. Pictures
    Click HERE to watch a short video of Chimera's Preacher-Man playing with the flirt pole...and a few pictures w/ my son, Conner.
  17. Pictures
    soooooooooo we have a dirty boy! :)
  18. Pictures
    I am soo happy that bear likes cali an i had them out together an omg bear was soooo excited an happy to beable to play with his sister Enjoy the vid, will post pictures later tonight
  19. Pictures
    Jakob and Kandi Kandi's ears are sticking up for once.. and Jakob's hair is sticking up also! HAH
  20. Pictures
    Because well he looks like a Bear!
1-20 of 41 Results