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  1. Pictures
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  2. Pictures
    Finally I found a sense of relief by making Beau's memorial video, it captures moments with my boy perfectly and lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.
  3. Pictures
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  4. Pictures
    Hey, new here to the site. Just thought I'd let you guys meet the light of my life. <3 I rescued Olive from the Tuscarawas County pound about a year ago. She is almost 2 approx., weighs 59 lbs, and is an absolute doll. I plan to do great things with her, by using her as an accurate depiction...
  5. Pictures
    This is my first little love Bobo...he doesn't get on the bed anymore but it's hard to not let him up :) He had to have a bath as soon as I got him home from the pound, like his day wasn't traumatic enough already. He was really great about it though sat still, didn't make a peep, he is...
  6. Pictures
    pictures of my goofy dogs me wantz z ball big gurl she will do anything for that ball lol watchin my parents leave she droped her ball, an was waitin for me to get it mom itz right there any time now, im gettin bored waiting of course i got it for her i said the W word...
  7. Pictures
    Well guys, I asked a couple of weeks ago about a second dog and got plenty of advice. Well it seems that fate is fate..... my cousin Leti (she s my doctor actually as well lol) , .... has a full schedule (both her and hubby are MDs ) and because the 19 year old moved out now the dog they have...
  8. General Discussion
    look me in my eyes but dont show signs of fear call me with a whistle thats how i know your here walk me with conviction and hold your head up high because for you and only you, you know that i will die if you feed me when im hungry and rub my head and chest i will protect you to the end...
  9. Pictures
    I'm stealing wifi, so... I couldn't shrink them quick enough. But, I still wanted to share. Mods could ya shrink them for me! please and thanks.
  10. Pictures
    Here's some new ones of Beau the old geezer, excuse how fat he is.....he's enjoying being an old cranky Beagle.
  11. Pictures
    Here are some fun shots I got of Helena today. :) "Don't Look at me!" The day started rough, Zach threw peaches on Helena's back and Helena was helpless as to how to lick them off. "lets go for a walk!" The day soon looked up when Helena's diaper pal Zachary took her for a stroll around the...
  12. Pictures
    Just a few pictures of my handsome boy :D
  13. Introduction Forum
    Hi!! I just wanted to post and say hello to all the beautiful doggies an pups out there! Im so excited to be getting a pitt. She is so beautiful. the breeders named her lilly and i think its so perfect! I pick her up on the 3rd in SC im so excited to spoil my little girl. anyone have any tips or...
  14. The Family Room
    So my daughter is 5 months old and has two teeth poking out :-p
  15. Pictures
    ugh she was too cute today lol
  16. General Discussion
    Boo was up crying her eyes out in pain last night, we were up all night and had no clue what was wrong with her. We brought her to a wonderful doctor this morning and 70$ later she has growing pain (aka E.C.O) other then that she has been a pure joy to have around. Shes in love with people...
  17. General Discussion
    we went to Petsmart today and we picked out a collar and used a laser etch machine to make her adorable little tag
  18. Pictures
    this is marlee, my two year old, and roxy. we went to visit friends today, and they were both pooped after a long day of playing.
1-18 of 31 Results