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  1. Pictures
    As Promised... Here's Sweet Pea and Lugz(the JERK). Photo quality sucks, hard to get pix on the phone Lugz Sweet Pea They're both kinda being buttholes tonight, and SoOoOoOo fat. Speaking of fat, here's me eating chicken in the shower Yes that **** happened! :hammer:
  2. Pictures
    Today was the first OFFICIAL work out of the summer. Went for a good ol' hand walk(he's the neighborhood bad***) and then hit the pole hard! NOT DONE!!!
  3. Pictures
    Lugz' new chain... that he hates with a passion Empire and the top of Infinites head LOL Thanks for checkin out the photo dumpin'
  4. General Discussion
    SO Lugz a month from TWO now. We just moved into a new house and Lugz is a different dog. He is claiming this yard like there's no tomorrow. He's being stingy and stand offish too. I hung a new spring set up last night and he broke the target on the first swing so he didn't get to play with it...
  5. Pictures
    This guy is finally to big for me to swing around :( Empire says whats up BTW
  6. Pictures
    It's been really nice out lately, so yesterday around sunset I broke out the camera. It's a heck of a lot easier to get Sweet Pea to pose BTW .......I <3 these two
  7. Pictures
    First, my red bitch wanted to pose for y'all. So here's Lugz, as requested.
  8. Pictures
    UKC PR Juggernaut Mighty Lugz I gotta put my face on Don't bother me till I've had my coffee Mmmm......... dinosaur, my fav I C U Holy Hell it's hot out here Back for more huh? Get me from the left.... that's muh good side What's that Jon, you want mo stuff?!?!?!?! Gonna fake...
  9. Pictures
    I've been asked several times to post him up, gotta give em' what they want.... So here's Lugz, who was not in the mood :hammer: And the pic of the day
  10. Pictures
    Lugz you effin' idiot! He turns one year old today. I woke up to two piles on my bedroom floor and a 9 foot ace bandage hanging out of his ass...... Enjoy! LMFAO:clap:
  11. Pictures
    And he's fresh out the shower......
  12. Pictures
    A few of Tsunami
  13. Pictures
    Here's Lugz sportin' his new tag
  14. Pictures
    *Lugz and others* -Updated Just a few pics I felt like posting, no sense lettin' em go to waist....... She's so Sexy! And of course, Evil Ninja Kitty
  15. Bloodline Discussion
    Okay, this is my first time using sitstays ped generator. I dunno, think I got it. The UKC 7 generation ped starts to get blurry after staring at it for so long but here it is. I'm not sure if anyone would know but if I made a mistake please lemme know.... Thanks in advance...
  16. Pictures
    Okay so went out to see how Lugz would stack, he did suprisingly well. Would stand patiently for the flash, he did get a little fed up at the end but thats to be expected. Also excuse a little excess neck skin he still has a bit of an abcess So here he is. Comments and critique's welcome :)...
  17. Pictures
    Saving my roommate from the wrath of the outside broom Torturing the only dog his size.
  18. Pictures
    I cannot believe Tank let him do this!
  19. Pictures
    So lugz is 6.5 week, which I know is early but I got a call from the breeder he wanted them gone. Said he didn't want to hold him for another couple weeks and unfortunally most of his siblings where already gone so it really didnt matter anyway. I am hoping since Sway and Tumble are still...
1-19 of 21 Results