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  1. Pictures
    It's been a long time since I was here last. Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. General Discussion
    This popped up on one of the blogs I follow. I thought it was pretty cool! Before there was such a thing as a "bad breed" there was Luke, a pit bull terrier who appeared in many films with his master, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle (1887-1933), from 1914 to 1920, along with Buster Keaton and Al St...
  3. Pictures
    Ok so here is a pic of each of them, I took my camera out not knowing the battery was low so these were all I got. I am off this coming weekend so I will try to get more, but there saying we might have another snowstorm (we jsut got like 7 inches last night, though you can't tell from these...
  4. Pictures
    Ok so a friend of ours came over last weekend and brought his RC car with him.....This was after he was a little tired.. I got the camera a little too late..so this was pretty mild. He was so tired of running he didn't even wanna move. You don't see Jesse because he could've cared less!! I had...
  5. Pictures
    So I know I haven't been hear in awhile just been busy. I stop by just don't say much. Here are a few pics. I had treats in my hand so I had thier attention for a few minutes. I was trying to get Luke to do his "aroooooo" but Jesse wouldn't allow it.
  6. Pictures
    Since it was preety nice out today I decided to let the boys out so they could have a good time. It's been cold and they have been couped up. Well I tried to get some shots, but like normal thier blurry. I did manage to get some okay ones and there are some blurry ones too. This was the...
  7. Pictures
    More pics...........lol. My new Fav........ Mommy and this stupid camera..here is one of each of us..... and now we are soooo over it.
  8. Pictures
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKINATER!!!!!!!!!!!!! He turns 4 today. I can't believe it's been 4 years. Seems like we just got him yesterday. I love him with all my heart. LOL. He's like my son.
  9. Pictures
    Running around the yard having fun luke loves the chase game so he is always trying to get Jesse to chase him. This pic is blurry, but I saw Luke's back leg and was Lmao... and if you look closely they each only have one leg touching the ground. and just some heads shots afterwards Jesse...
  10. Pictures
    Thier mainly of Jesse, with a few of Luke. Waiting for Luke to come around the corner so he can pounce! Just posing My new fav. Action shots your not getiing my stick buddy!! Wrestling (Luke doesn't take any crap outside, he is boss poor Jesse he has some war wounds) Pile on (the...
  11. General Discussion
    My babies!!!!! Just wanted to share some recent pics. Jesse is getiig so big. I can't believe how fast they grow. Enjoy.
  12. General Discussion
    Luke has filled out some more since Jesse has been here. All the do is run around and go up and down the steps. Jesse still not big enough for tehm to go outside to play together. tried it once and Luke is too much for him. Anyways I know some of these are blurry but you can see his muscle tone...
  13. General Discussion
    This one cracks me up...LMAO I think I throw a stick in this pic..he wasn't paying attention and when he heard it land this is the face he made Him just looking around enjoy! the grass is kinda tall the lawn mower and weed wacker decided they would go on the fritz together..lol
1-13 of 14 Results