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  1. Pictures
    Luna at 8 weeks, 5 months, 1year, and a custom feeder I built and stained
  2. General Discussion
    Hey peeps! Luna is just nearing up on 2 years (currently 20 months) old now and I have not taken her to the "Vet" since her puppy checkup at 20 weeks! She then went for the spay and microchip at 8 months. The only health issue we have come across has been a localized clustered Papilloma on her...
  3. General Discussion
    Sup peeps. Luna is currently 52lbs and doing great :doggy: I switch between Orijen Regional Red and Six Fish. 2.5/3 cups a day. Been doing so for 14 months. Lots of of photos so I'll try and caption them above. The American bulldog (Knox) is my neighbor's dog and has been Luna's boyfriend...
  4. General Discussion
    Hey peeps, Haven't been on the site in a while but I figured I would post an update of Luna! She turned 15months old today. Weighs 49lbs. Quick question. The last photo....the mass growth on her bottom lip...should I be worried just yet? Any type of growth or wart or the such scares me. I was...
  5. General Discussion
    This is my first time posting a video and using VideoBam so I hope it embeds properly and displays correctly! All the video's are fairly short (under 1min). Edit: Updated vids to Photobucket.....VideoBam blows. First video is her at 3ish months. The rest are at 12 months and then 13 months...
  6. Pictures
    Disregard the cheesey bordering (I couldn't find an app to post 2 pics side by side). I'd say she looks damn near identical since she was 3 months! :pup:
  7. Pictures
    8 months old yesterday weighing 43 lbs!
  8. General Discussion
    SO. MANY. PUPPY. DRUGS. IN. MY. SYSTEM. Ok, where the hell am I. Chit I forgot how to get off the couch again... Ya I got off the couch... Why are my paws burning on this concrete? Oh hey Karl... No really dad...these are my friends. They're just acting weird today for some...
  9. Pictures
    Hi, everyone. I'm new here and thought I'd show you pictures of my girl, Luna. :)
  10. Pictures
    Photos start from 10 weeks. Currently she is 5-1/2 months and 35lbs. And yes, we go to bars alot lol. And here's Luna today at 5-1/2 months
  11. Pictures
    Couldn't figure out how to post these in the other thread so heres a few more pictures of Luna and her starting to get along with the girlfriend better haha.
  12. Pictures
    Luna is probably between 7 and 10 months(current age) in most of these pictures.
  13. Pictures
    =P Luna @ 6 weeks Let me know what you think =) Rock and Ruby.
  14. Pictures
    About a month ago we "rescued" a supposed Chihuahua-spaniel mix from Craigslist. Poor guy was underweight and his collar was not only broken but so tight we had to cut it off. Had no shots and was 5-6 months old. So we took him in and got him vet checked and shots up to date. His name is Kirby...
  15. Pictures
    outside playing today tryna slim her down a bit . lol she cracks me up with her faces
  16. Pictures
    some updated pics of Luna :)
1-16 of 30 Results