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    Currently 15 weeks. She's just so cute!
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    Right, so we're moving tomorrow and I'm really excited. I can finally start seperating my pup from my older dog (mostly just to set boundries in the new yard) and figure out a permanent excercise place for Tyson. Yes, I have started packing and have over 30 boxes stored in our outside storage...
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    Here's !♥!♥!♥!Pibble Puppy Luv Part 2!♥!♥!♥! This is a sketch that i did the day after i posted Part 1. Its a sleeping pibble puppy. :) This little pup will be going UFS to a new home who can show him off to their friends and family. LOTS of more art coming soon! Hints?....Sapphire...
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    Mkay, so here is part 1 of Pibble Puppy Luv. These little guys are such a joy to relax and sketch out. I'll be sketching more btw, so don't forget. Hims doesn't have a little name, so he's just known as Pibble Puppy. I put him up for sale, so he wouldn't rot away in my sketch book haha. Oh! And...
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    Are these any good? They say no artificial colors or flavors, no by products, no wheat gluten, and has usda inspected beef and chicken. i know that sounds good but they are a dollar a bag. they are on sale. usually 4. i was thinkin of getting some for my pup but dont wont to if they aint good...
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    :woof:Well im gonna start off by sayin I hope every1 had a blessed Holidays...So i've been really bizzy 4 the last 2 days and prolly been home 4 like 8hrs. jus 2 let Dolla out 2 handle his bizness & since the family was in town i spent all Christmas Day with the fam...So i walk into the door &...
1-6 of 6 Results