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    With a heavy heart I'm posting to inform everyone that Lux has passed away. We're devastated over the loss of Lux yesterday. He was diagnosed with an inoperable mass so we elected to put him down. I've loved all the dogs I've owned over the years, but Lux was a once in a lifetime dog. Three...
  2. Pictures
    Here's a few of Lux. Shooting photos after a half dozen or so Margarita doesn't make for the best shots!
  3. Pictures
    Ivy & Lux just loves playing with their springpole. This was the first and last time they played with it together.
  4. Pictures
    My wife Lori and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last Thursday. Because I just recently started a new job (reason I have been on much lately) I don't really have any vacation time. So we decided to spend a four days up in Cambria California. I checked on line and found a great dog...
  5. Pictures
    I can't believe Lux is turning 3 years old today. Time is flying by way too fast but it's been a blast with Lux in our lives.
  6. Pictures
    Here's Lux playing with his new play toy Poison Ivy!! They're just having a blast together; for now!!!
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    Well we don't acceptance, but we do have some level of tolerance. They got off to a rough start, but Lux is warming up to Ivy. We can walk them together behind my office with no problems. At home they have to be very closely monitored because Lux is still a little over powering. We're making...
  8. Pictures
    Here's a few photos I shot of Lux today inbetween the rain showers. Yes, we do get rain in SoCal!
  9. Pictures
    Here's a few test shots from last night. My buddy Rob wanted some shot of him with his bike. Yes, way too much booze before the camera came out.
  10. Pictures
    Here are a few photos of Lux. I shot them the other day behind my office.
1-11 of 11 Results