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  1. Raw Foods
    We are looking for pros and cons regarding frozen straws being done. We could ask the vet, but we want to have the opinions of people on this forum. I'm wondering if it would be a wise thing to have these frozen straws done on our 6 year old male dog who has lymphoma. Maybe I'm asking a...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Lymphoma in Dogs The “typical” canine lymphoma patient is a middle-aged dog brought to the veterinarian because one or more lumps have been found. The veterinarian rapidly determines that all of the peripheral lymph nodes (those near the skin surface) are enlarged and firm. Usually the dog has...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Hi, I'm new on the forums but unfortunately, I'm not here for a good reason. For the past 6 months, my American bully has been receiving chemotherapy due to his canine lymphoma diagnosis. He's doing better than anyone thought and has so far beat the odds and has been in remission for 20 weeks...
1-3 of 3 Results