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  1. Mac

    Mac at 14 weeks - 21 pounds
  2. New Member Introductions
    My wife and I adopted a puppy about 3 weeks ago and I just stumbled across the forum. We have had large dogs for years but this is our first Bully breed since we fell in love with our daughter's pit bull. Mac was a rescue and had no papers although we were told both parents were American...
  3. Pictures
    I saw where someone made a thread to add photos of their animals so they did't have to create multiple threads...genius! Mac sitting pretty on the way to the vet. 27.2 lbs. of pure love. Waiting on the Vet. The vet is hard work! 10 weeks old paw v. 13 week paw Destruct-o-Puppy How is...
  4. Pictures
    Mac and Nickle wrestling ^^YouTube video of them^^ Yin and Yang. Mac and Nickle wrestling, ha!
  5. Pictures
    Enjoy photos of my newest addition :woof: My little man before he came home with us. K.O.'d in his new bed Itty Bitty. Growing, growing, growing! Sprawled out on the couch like the big dogs. "What cha' lookin' at?" This face! Transformation This is the paw of an 11 week old...
  6. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Hi all..... i cant post pics into my album on my profile:curse:.... any suggestions? Im using Mac btw... GRACIAS :cheers:
  7. Pictures
    I can't wait to get him working again !! I took this shot last weekend, all his muscles have deflated but boy he looks so lean Giant intact Doberman eyeing him out in class last weeked lol This is how fat he was never again :(
  8. Bullies 101
    This is my brothers dog Mac i bought him for my Brother who likes the bully type dogs he is 100% mugleston. Any of you bully people know much about them. Mac the day I brought him home Mac and my boy Dooney Mac at 4 months supermac Mac now at 9 months I did'nt know if this should go in the...
  9. Pictures
    I am going to stop posting pics of Bernie for a while. There are the last two pics I will upload for a while. He is turning 6 months old on Friday and he is going on TOTW and being fed twice a day from now. I will continue posting but Bernie will be classifield until I am done with him once I...
  10. Pictures
    Getting ready to step out of the car Staring at people and the birds, by the way he hates the gueese I have never seen his back hairs stand lol His head looks tiny :( lolol
  11. Pictures
    Bernie was exhausted from a flirtpole session this weekend, you can see him sun tanning resting on his orthopedic bed =) Peanut's ancestors were hunting dogs I swear he has the sickest level of energy and drive he was also tired from flirtpoling and tug of war:roll:
  12. Pictures
    So Bernie just turned 12 weeks old and he weigh in at 25.6 pounds at the vet. Here are some pics of my boy, after careful research of his ped so I realize I have an American Bully cross with American Pitbull blood so it should be interesting to see what he is going to look like when he is fully...
  13. Pictures
    The belly size is starting to get smaller and his front is starting to fill out more. Just wanted to share some pics of the pup:woof: he is healthy so far, extremely outgoing at home and he is getting very comfortable with us. He met my inlaws 90 pound bitch shepherd and...
  14. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    So I got my new macbook yesterday and coming from a PC I am so impressed. This thing is awesome. Still learning though. So I figured I would post here and see if anyone knew any tips or tricks they would like to pass on to me.......
  15. Pictures
    This picture was taken late last month, Mac @ 7 months old.
  16. General Discussion
    Mac's 6 months old Just wanted to share some updated pictures of Mac.
1-17 of 21 Results