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  1. General Discussion
    Look at this shit. Im pretty up set[/URL][/IMG] Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  2. Health & Nutrition
    So I've been spending $55 on a $30lb bag of dog food for a couple years now because I'm an idiot. The lady at the pet food store told me it was grain free. I never double checked (that's why I'm an idiot). My Bully Buffy has been showing signs of grain allergies ever since I got her. I've took...
  3. General Discussion
    I hope you guys don't mind me venting a little here... I live in a duplex, and the neighbor's kids have always been little terrors. The other day the oldest saw me out with Phantom and asked what breed he was. I told the truth. Fast forward to today. I go out back to my swing to relax, and...
  4. Pictures
    Just wanna show my pitbull He's 42months old
  5. Pictures
    hehe, seriously though. She can jump for a blue dog! haha, get it. Blue dog instead of white guy. I thought it was funny. y'all suck Quality is crappy, forgot to charge the camera so had to use my phone.
  6. General Discussion
    someone just posted this petition for the execution of the pit bull that I've been posting in the news and stuff. I can't believe how they are putting this dog out there like this... I am soooo frustrated! I can't even think straight right now.... Petition: City of Denison & The Judge: Put down...
  7. General Discussion
    Maryland Just give this a read. Since I will be going back to Maryland when I get out of the Army I have been searching Dog laws in Maryland, and in Frederick County where I will be at. This is just another example of misguided representation of a cettain breed, pitbulls in particular. Why...
  8. Pictures
    :rofl: this is what she dose to get my attention so i had to get it on vid.
  9. Pictures
    Well, I guess you can say that "The Mad Hatter Made a Visit to Patch O' Pits" LOL. I was on crutches for several weeks and am still recovering from a badly sprained ankle, and this is what happens when I get bored... Can You Guess who I am??? Patcheeno says, "Ribbit-Ribbit! I'll do anything...
  10. General Discussion
    So i was walking my boy (leashed) in a park, when a LEASH-LESS, LICENSE-LESS, TAG-LESS, OWNER-LESS full grown mastiff comes charging at me at full speed. He had nothing but a SHOCK COLLAR on. and he lunged at me. I swear i saw my life flash before my eyes. He must have been at least 95 lbs...
  11. General Discussion
    My father and I are getting into woodworking(he's movin a lot faster than me...). We decided to build Bennett a new house, and we thought it would be a good chance to really do something cool. His mansion is 4'x4' 4'h, treated lumber frame and bottom runners, offset cypress slat style sides and...
  12. General Discussion
    Hey guys....how has everyone been????? Its been a couple of weeks since Ive been on here. I hope all is well with everyone.So yesterday I was sitting at home minding my own biz.....and some strange girl came to my house and she brung her brindle pitbull (which was really a mut) over here to find...
  13. General Discussion
    So as some of you may remember,Bruno likes to hop into the shower with me. Well this morning,I had to shower before taking Bruno outside,cause I over slept. Well, Bruno decided he couldn't wait to pee,so he hopped into the shower,with me in it,and just...Well...WENT! I wanted to be mad,but at...
1-14 of 37 Results