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    I already posted a lot of this mushy parade of FB, but I'm still glowing so... Garp and I jumped SRS again this weekend in Sioux Falls. This event was the 1 year anniversary to the day of his very first dock jumping competition, so it was a pretty special weekend for us. One year ago, Garp...
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    Lola learning to Sit for blueberries LOL Lola Sitting for Evil Kitty mwuahahaha
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    Who here watches collage basketball?I'm a Tarheel fan.Who are y'all pulling for? :woof: One of my favorite times of the year!
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    Loki met my friends baby Asher today. He was so good, surprisingly calm haha. They were cutie boys. Loki's looking at a piece of chicken hahah And here's some from Big Lo's birthdayy. 1 year! Lovin' some puppy cake :)
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    Ha! made-ja look! I got sommore vids I'm going to post up. Just boring ones of all three playing and tugowar. Ignore my doggy voice...you know they love it. here's the pitties down on the farm... If that's not enough, well here's a vid:
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    The Dynamic Duo! Race for some human lovin! Battle! Indi taking on the big boy, skit 'em girly! Is he down for the count? Bigger idn't better buddy! Run Tyce! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! What a goofy boy.. Two very happy pit bulls! Gnar! Tyce's revenge! Happy Tyce Go Indi Go...
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    LOL here they are 7ish and growing
1-7 of 7 Results