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  1. Pit Bull Legal News
    First thing first: yes I signed up just to post this petition. I hope this is the right place, because I am asking you to sign a petition that would ask TIME to take down their poorly researched, NOT fact checked, and biased article, "The Problem With Pitbulls". I'm sure many of heard of this...
  2. General Discussion
    The first issue of Global Dogger is up. Most of it I don't care for, but they did cover the 2012 SoCal ADBA show. You can check it out at GlobalDogger.com
  3. General Discussion
    What are your thoughts on this magazine? Are there any other magazines out there?
  4. Pitbull Articles
    Hi all! I get the online addition (b/c it's free, lol) and wanted to share the latest issue of Modern Dog Magazine and their Breed Profile they run in every issue. This issue's profile is on the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. While there is some incorrect info regarding the APBT as just a Pit Bull...
  5. General Discussion
    So I was looking through a dog fancy magazine today at Safeway and it was a special on American Pitbull Terriers" first thing I noticed was the picture on the front page was a bully.... THEN I look inside at the kennel advertisements at the back and Openhouse kennels has a whole freaking page...
  6. General Discussion
    Peanuts ma and her rescue are featured this month in atomic dogg. Just want to announce that issue #16 of Atomic Dogg magazine is out! Bully The Kid wrote a fabulous article featuring her rescue! Renee and all her rescues are giving props and very special "THANKS" to all that made this article...
  7. General Discussion
    Hi guys, im trying to get Envy to be on the cover of Hawaii Pet Magazine's Fall 2010 Cover! To everyone with facebook accounts please go to Hawaii Pet Magazine's Site 1: u have to like them 2: go to their albums and select Vote fall 2010 cover model 3: go to page 2 (Envy is the 1st picture in...
  8. General Discussion
    Hey everyone if u have a facebook account please go to this link, 1: first u have to like them 2: go to albums and leave a comment for Envy shes on page 2 the last row and the first picture any comment is ok and thats it i really want her to win because it will show people in Hawaii how cute...
  9. Back to the Bullies
    The Bully Booth Hosted by: Bully the Kid 10pm EST/ 7pm PST Tonight the Booth discusses how the media influences the look of the dogs in the Bully Community, and how forums and popular magazines such as Atomic Dogg, influence breeding practices and what is considered hot in regards to a breed...
  10. General Discussion
    I just got the new issue and there is a write up on the raid that took place on July 8th. It is a great article on f=how they are rehiblitaing these dogs and placing some of them. There are pictures of some of the dogs too. It is well writen and does not put down the breed.
  11. Pictures
    i was bored and decided to make this. xD tell me what you guys think.
  12. General Discussion
    Hello everyone, I would like to ask for your help, PLEASE! I am a Visual Communications student and for my upcoming assignment I had to choose a non-profit organization and create a magazine ad and billboard (advertising for the non-profit organization). I chose my local Humane Society, and I...
  13. General Discussion
    So my nephew brought this magazine over yesterday, and it had a good article called "Pit Bull vs. Bully", and it was exactly what we always talk about with the differences between the two. So I just wanted to say that at least in that magazine they are attempting to separate the AmBully from the...
  14. Events, Results & Photos
    April 26, 2008 Blackham Collisium 2330 Johnson Street Lafayette, LA 70506 contact [email protected] for more show info
  15. Obedience Training
    I love these magazines that Dog Fancy/BowTie Press puts out. And guess what? I saw some models I recognize right from our forum, wonder who hmm hee hee
  16. BSL Discussion
    American Bulldog Banned In Gibraltar The Government of Gibraltar has issued news of its plan to ban the American Bull Dog. In a statement released by the Government last week, it was revealed that due to a series of attacks from American Bull Dogs on other dogs, the Government now believes the...
  17. BSL Discussion
    The Dangerous Dog Amnesty - Criminals Pass On Their Punishment To Dogs Merseyside's top police officer Chief Constable Bernard Hogan-Howe has called for the government to temporarily relax certain laws so that his force can rid the streets of 'dangerous dogs'. His appeal has been backed by...
1-17 of 19 Results