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  1. Pictures
    Before I post can someone tell me if it worked I'm new and not sure how to post pictures. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Hey new to the forum. Also new to mange, none of my dogs have ever had it but it seems Maggie does. She is only about 5 months old at first she had a little bit of fur missing from where her and my lab play around but over the last week it has gotten worse.. Now he has bumps and my fur starting...
  3. Pictures
    It"s been some time since I've posted anything so heres a few shots of Maggie today.
  4. Pictures
    She loves to chase the hose, obviously! Almost has much as squirrels, Rabbits and bigger dogs for some reason.
  5. Pictures
    Snow face:) End of a zoomy run
  6. Pictures
    Compare from Feb 26th of this year to yesterday. My baby has grown up. The old timer has cancer and is a few months shy of 15.
  7. Pictures
    Maggie zooming her first snow fall of the year.
  8. Pictures
    My baby turns a year later this month. She sits at the kitchen table all the time:) My little Reindeer
  9. Pictures
    October 31st!!! Maggie at 10 months showing muscle
  10. Pictures
    She's 8 months now and getting fixed next week.
  11. Pictures
    She's pretty much staying at 46#'s and keeping lean. She works out hard every day!!!!
  12. Pictures
    Maggie at 10 weeks Little baby girl, My now 14 year old!!! How time flies!!! Morgan(14) and Brandy(12) who died of cancer in Feb. That's why we got little Maggie. 5 month old Maggie.
  13. Pictures
    Pitbulls : Go Pitbull Dog Forums - fishinrob's Album: Maggie!!! - Picture Pitbulls : Go Pitbull Dog Forums - fishinrob's Album: Maggie!!! - Picture
  14. General Discussion
    I have a question. Since reading threads on this site I've become curious as to what breed or even "mix" my little Maggie girl may be. What's she look like to you? Any opinions? She is a rescue and was only classified as "pitbull". This link is to a video of her playing with Jake if you need to...
  15. Pictures
    I took Maggie to Petsmart this morning for her normal interaction and she was a hit today. Everybody in the store it seems was hanging around her, petting her, and showering her with compliments. She loved it. What was even better was the reactions she got when they heard she was a Pit mix. I...
  16. Pictures
    Maggie sleeping in the laundry basket Maggie and Elmo sleeping with mommy this morning Maggie drinking out of the bath tub
  17. Pictures
    Elmo at the shelter... Elmo in the car on the way to his forever home... Daddy and the babies... Daddy and the new cuddle bug... He loves his daddy... Showing off his kids lol... Darn it no one is looking at the camera, we're all space cadets! lol... Elmo on the spring pole...
  18. General Discussion
    Maggie looking out on the water She was waiting for daddy to throw the tennis ball SPLASH!!! Maggie paddling on her way back in Almost there... She was tired! Hope y'all like the pics! My camera seems to do clear pics when I'm out in the sun! WTF:mad: Oh yea and she just got her...
  19. General Discussion
    Maggie's Boo Boo that Neela wanted to see (sorry its not perfectly clear digital camera being stupid) Maggie standing by the canal, daddy told her she couldnt go swimming lol Maggie waiting for daddy to throw the tennis ball Daddy doing clicker training "Give me the tennis ball...
  20. General Discussion
    Heighth-18inches Head- 17 1/2 inches Weight- 50lbs
1-20 of 27 Results