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    Well we took Maggie to meet Keezie and well lets just say we wont be getting Keezie. Maggie was very well behaved but Keezie started growling so we decided it isnt gonna work. We found out Keezie was taunted by her owners to dog fight! :mad: It pisses me off, I wanted her sooo mad.
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    Well she did really well, we're starting the clicker training on her. She wanted to check out all the dogs but for right now she lays on her mutt-mat and checks everything out. so yea, wish us luck!
  3. Health & Nutrition
    http://www.lassie.com/naturalway/natural-way-flash.htm Its a great food, Maggie is picky and LOVES this food.
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  5. General Discussion
    Maggie got her head stuck in a graham cracker box My sleeping puppy Rolling around on the floor After digging in the mud Hanging from a stick we tied to a rope to a branch on the tree (wannabe spring pole) lol Maggie wearing a onesie so her harness wouldnt rub her Maggie in the...
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    Maggie and her daddy, she's a daddy's girl! lol They just love playing together
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    Heres some pics of Maggie I took today. Maggie napping, what she does best! lol Close up of my beautiful puppy "Mom get that camera outta my face I'm trying to sleep!" Lounging around the house after playing with my husband's 1.5 y/o neice. Sitting, so mommy can take a picture...