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    this has GOT TO BE a joke, right! I mean COME ONNNN Who would do that to their dog? Says its makes walks so much more fun, yeah not for your dog! The embarrassment they must feel. SOOO WEIRD lol
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    Magic playing outside Look at him jump
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    Sasha has been getting on the couch while we aren't home, as some of you suggested a bed in the living room might help so I went out and bought one to put in "her" window so she can chill there. I also bought one of those sprays to repel dogs from stuff, I'mm be spraying a little bit on the...
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    Well not really... But Sasha got a new bed! I have it next to my bed so I can keep on eye on her when I work from home, that's why she has a leash in the pics.
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    Regifting Robin (It's not really magic, but it's pretty cool, I won't spoil the trick for you, and hope others that figure it out wont either :-)
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    Okay just wanted to give you all an update. Today Tasha left me. But she didnt go with my Uncle. My Grandparents called me and were very upset especially my grandmom. That I didnt ask her to take Tasha b/c things werent working out w/ her here. Well she said I'm on my way right now to get her...
1-7 of 13 Results