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  1. Pictures
    So I havent updated anything on here in a while...here are new pics of the crew...Drake has decided he would not put on any winter weight this year lol...i think at 3 yrs he has finally hit the Boxer metabolism lol. anywho here they are... Magnus is up first...boy this dog makes us laugh on a...
  2. Pictures
    Here is a video of Magnus working the flirtpole....It was a hot day so he isnt putting out full effort but it shows just how far he has come.
  3. Pictures
    Thought Id post up some pics of our boy Magnus (aka Maggie) he has come a long way and I am super proud of this boy. First off some playing pics...he has popped since moving here with my man...hard to see because of his coat but he has muscles galore now. It only took a year for him to learn...
  4. Pictures
    I only have one recent pic of Magnus....He destroys dog beds...this one was from christmas but he moves it around the yard and lays on the pieces....this is him curled up on one.
  5. Pictures
    so here they are... first off a wink for the ladies AHH get it off me!!! lmao drake was not amused now the other two
  6. Pictures
    I noticed Magnus seems to have more fans lol so i decided to make this thread for pics of him....to show his journey Magnus in the pound...the 1st pic i ever saw of him Magnus the first day I brought him home from the vet....for those of you who dont know I had a rescue pull him out of a...
  7. Pictures
    So just a few min ago I decided to take a few pics of magnus to show how wonderfully he is coming along...still terrified but getting better....he was in the sun and just so handsome i had to take pics lol....from here on its muscle building time! ok so for those who dont know what he looked...
  8. Pictures
    I just thought putting the images together would show his improvement so far.... Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. Pictures
    Ok so its been a little while. Took some photos of Magnus last night playing with his buddies Jack(a brussels griffon) and Boomer(a lab)... please no comments about boomer being overweight...he is blind and has hip problems...he lives a good life still though and is on a diet and meds. This is...
  10. Pictures
    lol this boy is such a goof at times...watch how he shakes the ball...he does it all the time...this video is a bit old...i will post a newer one soon...
  11. Pictures
    So amazing to see him play now....this is a dog that when we got him was terrified of you even moving at all... Ill get you!!!! he is not fast at all....
  12. Pictures
    So our new boys name is Magnus Alexander....it means Great protector of men hes still super thin but we will fix that :) He has either been a stray all his life or was abused...he is super skittish....he did well with my dogs (my male snapped at him but he just laid down lol) so I will crate and...
1-12 of 12 Results