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  1. Pictures
    how could I say no to this face , His new fave lol { he didnt get it all just a few licks } Is this on the raw diet list lauren? lol
  2. Pictures
    this weekend we went out to my new lot house underway and got some pics of chico and tyson. chico 1 yr old and goin on 2months getting toned need to work with him some more Tyson 6 month old
  3. General Discussion
    So i finally found the website for the still water collars.....and well.... I COULDN'T WAIT for the contest had to get one....so I got the 2" 4 ply w/Velcro Black and Yellow!!!!! Yay I can't wait till it gets here!!! Jay is gonna be a Sessy Ma Ma then! Now all I need is a personalized ID...
1-3 of 5 Results