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  1. Pictures
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/8970100725/permalink/10158124180325726/ So idk how to post pics but here's a link to a facebook post with my dog* hes 10 months and 19 inches tall about 25-35 lbs. I feel like he's small for a full APBT but that's what I was told he is. All I saw was mom and she...
  2. pitbull behavior
    I just got 2 new puppy Pits, a male & a female. The male is 4 months old weighs 30 lbs., the female is barely 2 months old, very small still. They play nonstop, which I love. However, the little female start getting aggressive. I am concerned about when they get older....are they going to fight?
  3. General Discussion
    Hola everyone. My name is Ari. Its nice to meet everyone. I need advise on how to handle two male pitbulls in my house. Background Info My oldest brother had a 4th stroke. He has a service dog. In order to help him out, I agreed to take care of his dog until he gets better. The dogs...
  4. pitbull behavior
    10 months ago my boyfriend and I rescued an 11 month old male pit. The past few months he has gone from sleeping during the night in both his cage and in the bedroom with no accidents to peeing in his cage and on the bedroom floor. We think he has some separation anxiety because he gets super...
  5. General Discussion
    my male and female fight ever since they had puppies and got to keep them seperated. is there anything i can do or do i need to get rid of 1 plz help
  6. Pictures
    My 6 month old pup is already 80lbs! Both his parents are purple ribbon. He's white and blue with grey blue eyes. He's so lovely and sweet.
  7. General Discussion
    Quick back story: Have 2 female dogs 1 GS mix 1 Pitbull mix both female unneutered they've gotten into a fight 2 times. Second time we took them to the Hospital and they said it was because they were both unneutered females and were in heat. We no longer keep them together. I plan on moving...
  8. pitbull behavior
    I know this is going to sound a little crazy, but I am looking for some opinions on this situation: Male Pit, owned by same people since he was 12 weeks old. Owner says he is gentle, loving and never had a problem with him. Female Rescue Pit (?) also gentle and loving. The two dogs have...
  9. General Discussion
    Hey I have a 3 yr old male pit (KJ ) and a 6 month old female pit (Kenzie). KJ is so smart and obedient. And Kenzie is well she is smart to and she is learning. But for some reason, once in a while she will just pee in the floor. When normally she always goes to the door. And once she peed on my...
  10. General Discussion
    Wondering what others opinions are on the differences between a male or female in a inside single dog for a family. Ive only had males in the past,not much experience with females. My last razors edge male was super fun,but not much into cuddling with wife and spending time with kids. He was...
  11. General Discussion
    I've just rescued an approx 3/4 year old male. He was left for dead on the roadside after a hit and run accident. He has taken 3 weeks to become more mobile and has displayed zero tendencies of aggression or distrust which is seriously amazing! We have always had Staffies, Bullies or a mix of...
  12. General Discussion
    I have a two year old male Pitbull named Braxton; he is beautiful and loves meeting people and playing with ther dogs. He is neutered and trained (sit, stay, shake, lay down, roll over, he even knows how to sit and wait for us to tell him to go eat) He has worried us recently with some very...
  13. General Discussion
    3 weeks ago we were given a 1.5 year old male pit bull who had to be re-homed. We have a Maltese and two outside cats, but Ruger seems to do well with all of them. We had him neutered the first week with us, and I take him for regular 2-4 mile walk/runs. He has been very well behaved, appears...
  14. General Discussion
    I have a APBT named pocho and he acts very strange on walks. He tends to always want to sniff and he will get stuck on certain areas and drool. Any one have a clue as to why he does that? He is a year and 4 months old
  15. General Discussion
    Ok forgive me if this has been discussed. I haven't been here for a while. I have a Male pit now that is going on 5 years of age. Well I have puppy fever Rampage is kinda my wifes dog lol. My question is should I go with a female or will getting a ale puppy be ok.
  16. General Discussion
    Hi I am new to this forum and have been a pit owner for about 6 months now. (have owned other breeds just not a pit) My Littleman is 8 mo old and I noticed him limping so I checked out his front legs and found hard bumps lining the back of his lower front legs. He is shaking (I have him on the...
  17. Bloodline Discussion
    If anyone knows an honest dogman with Tab-Jeep dogs that will not cost me an arm and leg for a young male or male pup. I've been looking for close to a year for a Nigerino dog. I have about given up on finding any Nigerino dogs that I like. So have trashed that idea and am after a Jeep-Tab male...
1-17 of 189 Results