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  1. General Discussion
    So I currently have two pups, a male and female, neither fixed. I am adopting a 1 year old male from the shelter and of course they will be neutering him. If I have one neutered should there be any issues having two males? Or should I have the other neutered when he gets old enough as well...
  2. General Discussion
    I have a 4 year old red nose my brother has a 2 year old blue they fight whenever near any fixing it
  3. Authorized Breeders
    We will have 3 males available in about 6 weeks. Show homes are preferred but pet homes will also be considered and the specifics will be decided in a few weeks. Pups are 5 weeks here. I will take some more pictures and post in about 2 or 3 weeks- just wanted to put them out there in case anyone...
  4. General Discussion
    Ok anyone know any UKC CH or GRCH males who are blue tris the reason i'm asking is i know the owner of the first blue tri UKC GRCH female just trying to do some research that has me curious.
  5. pitbull behavior
    First off, I am very uneducated about pitts as a breed. I grew up around dogs my whole life, my parents were breeders, but I have mostly been around labs, sheepdogs, etc. My now husband had two pitts already when I moved in. He never gave them the attention and energy they needed and deserved...
  6. Bloodline Discussion
  7. Health & Nutrition
    This of course is not about me. I'm asking for a friend. She has a male pup that she found out has demo mange. The vet told her that once it is cleared up that he will be ok to breed. Now I don't agree with breeding this dog at all, demo mange or not. I think all animals with demo mange should...
  8. General Discussion
    Out of My 4 Dogs, 1 has been a Male ... Because of his Behaviors I now am Afraid to get another Male. I have the Opertunity for a Male or Female 8 wk old Pup. I'm looking for a freind for Diamond because ROCKY can not be trusted around her. My wife is telling me because Rocky is a DOPEY scaredy...
  9. Pictures
    This little fur ball taught Bernie how to play since he was tiny :)
  10. Obedience Training
    My two year old bully keeps mounting my 11 month old gsd. He chases him arou d and my gsd tends to run away. The bully also stares him down alot. Is there a way other than separating them to stop this? This goes on all the. Time and just started a week ago? Any input will be great
  11. Pictures
    Lugz' new chain... that he hates with a passion Empire and the top of Infinites head LOL Thanks for checkin out the photo dumpin'
  12. General Discussion
    I have noticed dogs seem to do the Momma's boy, Daddy's girl thing just like babies do. Any one else notice this? My boys always look at my me like mom do I have too when my bf gives comands. His female bulldog was the same way too she would always look at me like yea right your not the boss...
  13. Pictures
    Pictures of the boys! I need to get these guys into shape for show season. We have a lot of work to do they are a little soft right now. whatcha think? Trigger
  14. General Discussion
    im getting another pup and was deciding if i shud get male or female. i have one year and half male. does anyone think male and male or male and female are better. or is there no real difference
  15. The Pitbull Lounge
    She is growing up....almost finnished her first heat. My males are going nuts.
  16. General Discussion
    hey guy i wanted to know if i can have 2 male apbt living together with out war?
  17. Pictures
    So I've never much wondered over to the picture forum. It was nice taking a look at everyone's beautiful bullies. I'll going to make a few threads, hope no one minds since I haven't posted any before. Here are some of my most recent pics of the boys. His coat might look a little crappy...
1-17 of 17 Results