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  1. Pictures
    This is my new pup, she is 9 months old and ready to work :D Her name is: "Babings" Von Fulk Thanks to Jon & Romeo (breeders) I am getting to work this beautiful beast. First day out Started sit command & allowing her to get her treat from my mouth. Started training Video of...
  2. General Discussion
    PSYCHE!!! but i do have this furry swamp cow for the weekend lol.
  3. Pictures
    Im not sure, if it doesnt belong here, move it elsewhere :roll: This is my ol lady Nissa, 6 years old malinois. We made it to IPO - II. And went to loads of competitions too, shes a very good gyal. If anyone has any question bout this breed, feel free to ask me anything.
1-3 of 3 Results