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  1. Health & Nutrition
    My name is Heather. I recently added a blue nose named Enzo to my fur family. I noticed a little over a month ago he was itching a lot. I know it's not fleas as he's on a preventative and they'd be very noticeable on his light fur. I'm assuming it's either a food or environmental allergy or...
  2. General Discussion
    Okay, here's the haps: Dozer and I have carpet time. I get down on the ground with him and we play, wrestle, tug of war, nose rodeo, loves, etc. Everyday. I've also been the only one in the house consistently training him since he was a puppy to obey commands. He listens to me, fears me just...
  3. Bullies 101
    I just got this sweet girl 4 days ago. She just turned 7 months old. Her name is Daisy. What class would she be considered? And input on her. Sorry they are not the best pictures these were taken where she was at. I haven't gotten around to taking any since she has been with me. Thank you :)
  4. General Discussion
    When they were 5 months old, I adopted two pitbull littermates, Piggy and Smudge (brother and sister). :D They are now 9 months old and I've adopted their mom, a 4 year old pitbull. My stepfathers two pitbulls had a litter, and were both spayed/neutered afterwards. The two puppies that I...
  5. Pictures
    I got my new camera last night, i don't really know how to use it yet but here is a couple of the babies!!
  6. Health & Nutrition
    We have a rescued female pit due to have babies around the middle of Sept. We have done a little rescue for about a year but never had a pregnant mama. I have NO idea what to do or the accomodations she is needing. All our babies are crated at night and am not sure how or what to do about a...
  7. Adopt a Bulls
    Hey guys just wanted to update ya'll. Mama is a 1 to 2 year old female blue seal colored pit and is ready to find her forever home! This dog is fantastic guys the best rescue i have ever had and its been a blessing to have had her in my home this last month. She is completly house broken and...
  8. Pictures
    Yup. They thought she was anyway. They're gonna be very hungry later on,when they realize she's dry as the Arizona desert. They were so cute though,and Beia just stood there and let them suckle. LOL
  9. Health & Nutrition
    Not really sure where to put this. What do you guys do to shrink the nipples and tighten the underbelly back up after your girls have pups? I've heard of apple cider vinegar and preparation H both doing the job, just seeing what you guys do
  10. Adopt a Bulls
    Story by Amy W. When my friend Nancy stopped her car in a city near Albany, New York to help a stray pit bull, I never suspected that five months later I would adopt the beautiful white and brown dog. Nancy turned the stray dog over to the local animal control officer and the dog, who was soon...
  11. Obedience Training
    So, I will admit to taking the lazy way out with Kane; he is so well-behaved most of the time and knows his basics and a few more commands on top of those that I've been slacking on his training. I've been doing the usual Sit-Stays before going outside, getting his food, getting anything...
  12. Pictures
    Decked Out in Red, White, & Blue For You On Memorial Day, we did a whole patch o' therapy dog visits at the hos"PIT"al and had a great time cheering people up. They all wore their red, white and blue in honor of the veterans. Patcheeno showing his American pride! "What do you mean I can't...
  13. Pictures
    Mama I'm ready!!! Can I pull now??? This is Bodacious trying on a weight pull harness for the very first time. She won it awhile back in a contest on pit bull chat. Thank you Innocence621 for the outstanding harness. She tried it out for the first time last weekend, and was a very very...
  14. Pictures
    1st up ol big head i know you see me and now the boss of the yard thanks for looking at my babes:woof:
  15. Pictures
    WELP SINCE RAYBEEZ showed me how to post pics; here it goes :flush: FROM YOUNGEST TO OLDEST smiley face pattern
  16. Pictures
    Just my girl Rain taking my brother out....lol!!! My brother messed his shoulder up. Knocked it out of place.
1-16 of 16 Results