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    Pit bull 'IDs' man who shot at NC deputies Pit bull 'IDs' man who shot at NC deputies Rescued dog's constant barking led police to find a man suspected of firing on officers a short time before RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. - Jamey Lee Ashley is suspected of shooting two Randolph County, N.C. deputies...
  2. Pit Bull Legal News
    https://www.facebook.com/StarTheNewYorkPitbullShotByPolice please join this FB group and click 'Like' to support for change as well the full story available.
  3. Positive Pitbull News
    As the sun started to set on Memorial Park Sunday afternoon, a group of muscle-bound pit bulls was ready for a walk. A few whined. A couple slobbered. Max, age 5, with a massive jaw and muscles rippling under his short fur, tried to lick anyone who came within a 10-foot radius. "We call him...
  4. Pit Bull Legal News
    Saw several alerts to this and this is the only one that called the dogs pit bulls. And in fact goes a step further and says they are APBTs.... Am I the only one that finds this suspicious? Man dies while saving dog from Pit Bull attack | 11alive.com above article copied below: DOUGLASVILLE...
  5. BSL Discussion
    Nothing in the article about prosecuting or holding the OWNER responsible in this case? Just ban the dogs and punish law-abiding responsible owners. The bad owners either ignore the ban or just leave something else loose and chained up. This is not a logical response! Valier man wants pit bull...
  6. Pictures
    We got the rottie...took some pics while we were at the vet visiting him after his neutering...
  7. Pictures
    i had to let the sod settle in before letting them play on the grass.. he's like "finally!!" lol i've tried numerous times to get him to work the spring w/ his hind legs on the ground.. he just doesnt go for it.. he's gotta be hanging
  8. Pictures
    Took this video the other day and it cracked me up. Regardless of how ridiculous he looks the boy still has some bangin movement!!! ;) Shox has been giving poor Bobo Fett a run for his money, but the old man can still hang!
  9. Pictures
    Hey everyone!! Took some new pictures of him today and thought that I would share. He's growing up now, changing so much these past few months. He's so close to being a champ, hoping to finish him out either this weekend or soon :) Enough with the chit chat, lol here he is!!!
  10. General Discussion
    This is a big question what do you think the difference is in the way you breed your apbt compared from the way (BYB) do meaning what do you look for in the bred that's different than the (BYB) ??????
  11. Pitbull Articles
    This is a sad story and it goes to show you how ignorant the media truly is when it comes to any type of dog. This dog that was shot belonged to Dre from Reliance Kennels; however, the dog they named (and wrote about as if she was trash in my opinion) is not actually the dog that was shot. They...
  12. Positive Pitbull News
    Not sure if I posted this in the correct section or if it should go in the BSL section, but here it is. The decisions made by these politicians is absolutley ridiculous. At least this one has a happy ending! Pit Bull, Disabled Man to be Reunited | NBC Chicago
  13. Pictures
    Here are some pics of my new man sunday... found that pedigree on him too i thought id share with ya'll :D ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [133590] :: ROLEX X AFRICA
  14. Pictures
    Diesel is my 1st pitbull and hes everything i could ask for in a dog... he loves to play and loves everyone...
  15. The Family Room
    Zachary is going through a hugging phase. :) Today we were at the cell phone store and a woman walked in with 3 year old twin girls. Zach let out this loud squeal and went and hugged one of them! :rofl: We were laughing so hard and then he went and hugged the other! He is always chasing the lil...
  16. The Pitbull Lounge
    I would go for baggy pants, lol. Any man wearing what that man had on to fly publicly on a plane needs help and its not in his wardrobe choice, lol. I mean even if he was working the streets and needed to go to work when he landed, he could have packed his purple panties and changed, right...
  17. Positive Pitbull News
    Homeless L.A. man back with his pit bull | ohmidog! I was driving down Century Boulevard when I spotted them - a homeless man, judging from the Vons grocery cart he was pushing down the sidewalk, and a three-legged pit bull in a service dog vest, hobbling alongside, her leash tied to the...
  18. Pictures
    Hard to think this monster will be 5 years old in August. Zildjian at about 4months old Zildjian - Couple days ago
  19. General Discussion
    He's coming up on 5years old (in august). He still is very bouncy at times, but hes pretty chill and sleeps alot. When i go out to play or anything he tires quickly. Anything I can do to help him like... enjoy it more and not get burnt out so fast? Thanks :)
  20. General Discussion
    Man Eaters Gary J. Hammonds (Pit Bull Gazette, May 1982) Through the years, the ,,Man Biters,, have been of special interest to me since, in theory, most are not supossed to be game. Simple observation tells me there are as many game man biters(percentage wise) as there are game dogs in the Pit...