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  1. General Discussion
    Why? They from the same strain but breed for different reason. You don't see mans seperatin the labs breed into seperate breeds. They look different n breed different its crazy. Just cause one blue it still come from a apbt. Long as they carrie that gene to make them that color. But come from...
  2. General Discussion
    Video OUTRAGED!!! I hope this makes you all as mad as it makes me!
  3. Pictures
    After i ordered my cow hides from stillwater i was trying to think of what i could use to make it a tug toy. i was broke, with not even a dime so getting a rope was a negative. sooo heres what i had layin around. 1 cow hide 200 zip ties a pair of motocross socks half a roll of packing tape. and...
1-3 of 3 Results