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  1. General Discussion
    My girl Gemini has always had all white nails, but as she has gotten older she has developed dark red almost brown markings on top of her nails (most of them at least). I never noticed this on any of the ApBT I had in the past (the ones I was old enough to remember 100% at least), she is not an...
  2. Pictures
    This pup is named Kali and lives in NJ. She is linebred from Double Time and L.B..
  3. General Discussion
    My brothers dog just had pups, they are apbt w/ papers. He said I could have one in 8 weeks but I could go ahead and pick it. I was wondering if the markings on this puppy will be permanent? It is only two days old in this picture by the way.
  4. Pictures
    I've noticed a lot of you have some unique patterns and coloring on your dogs so lets show them off. I want to see all the interesting shapes and colors. Here's my boy Dosia he has some cool ones. pink spot under the chin under the neck chest He has little tear drops behind all four...
  5. Bloodline Discussion
    how many you know?
  6. General Discussion
    do anyone have pics of pitbulls with angle wing markings i have seen some but not to many i know this marking can come in any breed but i would like to see some pics of pitbulls with them
  7. General Discussion
    What are some werid things you've seen some dogs with. maybe like a scar type thing. my puppys dad Kane has a full set of nipples and i thought that was kind of weird=P
  8. Bloodline Discussion
    can any one explain this to me? ok i know that fur color of merel is a fault but can anyone tell me why or give me some kind of history? i was almost going to buy a merel colored pit before for like 850 from a breeder but someone told me not and barely explained why. i felt bad for not getting...
1-8 of 8 Results